crop happens…

Playing nice

Sometimes my two little monsters actually DO get along! Even if it only lasts for a little while and then they’re back to fighting.




6 responses

  1. dalia

    great pictures!!! love these moments!!!

    7. January, 2008 at 07:42

  2. photographybycheryl

    Great everyday captures…I too, love when they all get along. Looks like Sara is feeling better…

    7. January, 2008 at 08:28

  3. doreen3boys

    They are so NOT monsters!! Great pics………glad you were ablt to catch the “moment”, lol!

    7. January, 2008 at 09:22

  4. thedailyclick

    Ha ha, you just haven’t seen them in action 😉
    Thanks for the comments.

    7. January, 2008 at 10:41

  5. So cute!! These are great captures! Love the second one where Sara is laughing!

    7. January, 2008 at 13:23

  6. Hey, looks like they’re actually having fun together 🙂 Sweet moment captured. Two thumbs up!

    7. January, 2008 at 22:51

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