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Archive for 12. January, 2008


= grocery shopping day. My favorite part of the week. NOT! Ever notice that you always come home with about 20 bags, even though you only bought about 43 items? I think there’s some kind of no-more-than-3-items-per-bag rule, and that seems to be the ONLY rule, because it seems to be perfectly OK to put a loaf of bread into a bag and then squish it with a jar of pickles. A bag of chips with a 2-liter bottle of soda? That’s exactly why I bag myself. And I get the strangest looks and comments. “Are you sure?” No, I was kidding, go ahead and bag for me. And please don’t forget to bag my cleaning products with the deli items. I’m trying to see if the window cleaner will leak all over my sliced turkey! Or I will get the “Ohhh!! YOU’RE the lady who always bags herself!” Hmm… will they ask for my autograph soon? LOL

Maybe I should tell those poor baggers to pay close attention because I can cut those 20 bags down to about 5! I prefer paper, too… double bag the heavy items, like cans/jars/bottles and bag them all together. Same with refrigerated/frozen items, and boxes.  It’s all common sense….. right? Or maybe I’m too organized and it borders on just plain weird? (Maybe you shouldn’t answer that….)