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Archive for 21. January, 2008

Out with the old… in with the new

The UPS man dropped off a new monitor last week…. well, two. One for Greg and one for me.  Got them both assembled as soon as I got them out of the box and then waited for Greg to come home from work, to hook them up. No problems with Greg’s, but mine was a whole different story.  I was soo disappointed at first because nothing looked right! Not just the colors/brightness/contrast, but the picture itself. Everything was stretched sideways and my sun logo looked like someone sat on it. Nothing we did fixed the problem. Oh, and I should mention that during installation something killed my USB and both the keyboard and mouse weren’t working. Thankfully Greg was able to fix that, but that still left me with a really awful picture. I was ready to take the new monitor back and use my old one again.

Greg thought the problem was with my video card and he stopped after work on Friday and picked up a new one. After a few more headaches, killing the USB again, and being on the verge of getting a whole new computer, Greg finally got the monitor working! I was sooo relieved!! I wouldn’t mind replacing my dinosaur, but on the other hand I really don’t want to start from scratch and reinstalling and copying everything to a new computer… and I’m sure this will come back and bite me in the @$$ when it’s time to really get me a new one. I can hear Greg now “but you said…” (right, honey? 😉 )

A big THANK YOU goes out to Treva for spending two days helping me get the colors, etc. adjusted, and a big THANK YOU to Dalia, for helping me out as well. Still not really sure if I have it right, so if my edits look even worse than they did before, it’s the monitor. And please don’t be afraid to let me know!!

Anyway… here it is… my brand-spanking new 19-inch LCD monitor.