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LOST fans!!

Don’t miss tonight’s 2-hour repeat of last season’s finale! It’s on at 9/8c!


“Special enhanced episode with on screen facts and backstory. Jack and his fellow castaways begin their efforts to make contact with Naomi’s rescue ship.”

Mommy, can I check the CoinStar?

I hear this question ALL the time when we go to a store that has a CoinStar machine. The grocery store has one right near the entrance and the kids are almost knocking each other to the ground, trying to make it there before the other one. Sara usually checks the bottom where the reject coins end up, and underneath the machine, and Melissa checks the top, where you pour in your change. More times than not, they find something. They also check the ground wherever we go, and check around the cash registers, public phones, gumball machines, and anywhere else with the slightest chance that there could be any money. Just a little bit obsessed?

Now the problem is that Melissa finds most of the money.. she knows exactly where to look, and she can run faster than Sara. When Sara finds something she will share it with Melissa most of the time, or even if she only finds one coin, she will give it to her. Melissa on the other hand does NOT share even if she found a handful of change, and that really disappoints Sara. So I came up with a solution… this piggy bank. Whatever money they find goes in the piggy bank and when it’s full we will roll up the coins and they will split the money 50/50 and spend it on whatever they want (want to bet it’s going to be Petshops? LOL)

And yes, I take the time to roll the coins. I don’t use those CoinStar machines and give away 8 or 9% in fees!