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For Those Inquiring Minds…

… who want to know about yesterday.

I had a really nice Birthday, except for the fact that Sara woke up way too early! Not enough “me” time. Melissa didn’t have school yesterday, and Greg took the day off work because he still had some vacation days left from last year that he would lose if he didn’t take them.

Everyone else was up fairly early, too, and I got to open my cards…. and a certain box that had been sitting next to my desk for four looong days, that I wasn’t allowed to open until my birthday.

Presents… you already know what I got from my sister-in-law and her family, because I posted a picture of it at the beginning of the month. Greg gave me a diamond heart ring, that I got to have a couple of days early. Then he said something about stopping to get my last gift, but he didn’t give me any hints. Two very sweet friends each sent me a coffee mug for my collection….. stay tuned for pictures, I’m sure I’ll post them soon! I really love both of the mugs. One is funny, and the other very, very sweet. Another friend sent me the cutest Precious Moments figurine! That’s what was in that box that I wasn’t allowed to open. And my very best friend sent….. I don’t know what she sent yet, because her package hasn’t made it here yet. It’s coming all the way from Germany.  I do know that she sent something for my tealight wreath.

Anyway… we left around 10-ish and headed to Kuby’s Restaurant in Dallas. Yummy German food!! There is a Great Harvest Bread Company store just down the street from the restaurant, and the plan was to stop there first, buy some bread, and pick up a coloring page for each of the kids to color while we’re at lunch. When you bring the pictures back, they give the kids a huge cookie – free!! Unfortunately we found out that they’re closed on Sunday and Monday. Poor kids were so sad. Me, too, because I love their bread!! Guess we’ll just have to go back on a Saturday.  So we went to lunch, and lucky for the kids, their meal came with a cookie for dessert. They each got a different one and neither one was happy with the one they got. Isn’t that typical!? Sara didn’t want a cookie at all, but in the end she switched with Melissa and ate it after all. Kuby’s has a German store next to the restaurant, and we did a little shopping after lunch. Then Greg took us all to Best Buy, where he was going to get that last gift. I told him that they don’t have the camera I want! LOL I knew he was NOT planning to upgrade my poor little Nikonosaurus D70s. Nope, he told me I could pick out a DVD and I went straight to look for LOST Season 2! All they had was Season 1, though, and we were going to check another store later but first we drove to White Rock Lake and went for a walk. The weather was beautiful!! The wind was a bit chilly, but at least it was sunny. The kids had a blast, running and jumping, and throwing sticks and rocks into the water. I took some pictures, but I’m so not used to taking pictures outside anymore because most of them were overexposed. I did get a few OK ones and will post them on flickr as soon as I’m done editing. I only have a few more to go.

We stopped at another Best Buy on the way home and were able to get a copy of LOST. Yay!

That was about it. I think we got home around 4 pm and didn’t do much else besides play on the computer and watch TV. Greg was nice enough to do the dishes for me, after I already started.

And The Winner Is….


Shelby!! Congrats! You’ve won the set of note cards!

I’ll be contacting you for your mailing address, so I can get them out to you asap!