crop happens…

He Owes Me!

And he knows it, too!

In this house, whoever cooks, does the dishes. Sounds fair, right? Especially if you’re not the one cooking most of the time. Well Greg made potato soup ( on Monday. He had my help, but that’s beside the point. He was going on and an how HE was going to make the soup, and how he was glad that he worked from home that day so HE could cook.  There really weren’t a lot of dishes… a cutting board or two, knives, the crockpot, four bowls, spoons, and a fork, because Melissa likes to mash her potatoes in the soup, and the serving spoon. Maybe a few more things from breakfast and lunch. But of course Greg ignored the dishes that night…. and Tuesday night… and Wednesday night… and Thursday night, too. They started piling up in the sink and I already had to wash a few of them so I could use them, and we were slowly running out of silverware. Then Friday I finally couldn’t stand to look at the pile of dishes in and around the sink anymore, and broke down and did them. Grrrr!!!! But he owed me. BIG!

Greg did take us out to dinner yesterday evening (which was planned a few days before) and I told him that he owed me for those dishes. Would you believe that he thought that taking me out to dinner made up for ignoring the dishes for a week??? Um, I don’t think so! Only doing the dishes makes up for NOT doing the dishes. He thought he could defend himself by saying that they weren’t all his dishes…. well, they would have been if he had washed them right away! We’ll see how long he’s going to ignore them this time. And I WILL let them pile up this time and refuse to do them. He might have to take us out to dinner again, but not to make up for not doing the dishes, but because we will be out of clean dishes and I will refuse to wash them so I can cook dinner 😉

I told him yesterday that I took pictures and will blog them if I have to. He said “go ahead”! So here ya go….

This was taken after I did some of the dishes. Notice the double sink still full of dishes.


6 responses

  1. doreen3boys

    LMAO Michaela!!! Oh wow, do you not have a dishwasher??? If not, wow, that would be a fight we would take on nightly!!! We fight about getting them into the dishwasher and then who unloads it, lol!!
    GGRRR MEN………..I have tried to out wait my dh on my many different things and I have ALWAYS given in, so I feel your pain!!! And I agree, going out to dinner is just no dishes for that night, lol!
    Good for you to threaten(and do it, lol!) to blog about, that’ll show him!!!

    8. March, 2008 at 08:13

  2. Yes, we do have a dishwasher, but I would have had to unload it first. Some of those dishes needed to be scrubbed anyway (with dish soap) and if I have to do that, I doin’t see the point in putting them into the dishwasher afterwards, because they’re already clean.
    Besides… clean dishes next to some still dirty ones was a much better photo op 😉

    8. March, 2008 at 08:17

  3. dalia

    LOL…great pic!!! I know how you feel. Ben NEVER does the dishes!!! One day I will throw them all out and buy paper!! How was On the Border…did he make it home to drive you?

    8. March, 2008 at 10:32

  4. We use paper all the time, esp. for lunch, or if the kids have waffles or poptarts for breakfast.
    On the Border was great! Had the chicken burrito and a mango passion fruit margarita. Yum! Too bad I was too stuffed to order dessert, they have a couple of great things on their dessert menu.

    8. March, 2008 at 11:13

  5. photographybycheryl

    lol about the pic! Glad they finally got done! Glad you enjoyed your chicken burrito, mine (from Qdoba’s) was really yummy too!

    8. March, 2008 at 11:47

  6. Oh I hate doing the dishes. Steve usually does the dinner dishes;) The rest are up to me.

    10. March, 2008 at 13:50

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