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I’m So Mean! Ha Ha!!

Today was soccer picture day, and since Greg is assistant coach for Sara’s team, I made him get into the team picture!! Ha ha ha!! He did NOT want to do it… his “excuse” was that he didn’t shave. Um… when does he ever??!! OK, he does shave… Mondays and Wednesdays, and on special occasions if I get lucky. And no, “getting lucky” is not a special occasion 😉  Anyway, I pushed him over to where the photographer was posing the team, and made him get in the picture. And he couldn’t even pull his hat over his face and stick his tongue out like he does when I try to take his pic!

And just for the record, we did not get individuals done. I plan on taking those myself and save a whole lot of money. I missed it when they took individual pictures of Melissa’s team, and Melissa did get hers taken, even though we had to pre-pay for our order and all we are buying is the team picture. I’m sure they’re going to hound us now, to buy some 😛

Greg was able to stop them from taking Sara’s individual picture, and I think that messed them up a bit, because they took one extra team picture of them all making silly faces (I want THAT one!!)

Mystery Plants

We have no idea what these are…. well… there are two possibilities because the kids planted two types of seeds in this little pot: lemons and grapes. I’m leaning more towards lemon trees, but it’s only a guess.