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Archive for 25. April, 2008

New From Mastercard

Production cost of the movie “The Water Horse”: about $10 million.

Cost of the DVD after coupon and Best Buy Rewards certificate: $6.99

The look on your daughter’s face when she opens the DVD on her birthday: priceless!

For everything else there’s Mastercard.

She was so surprised to get that movie, that she whipped it around so fast to show sissy, that I was lucky to catch just a small corner of it.


My new computer came on Monday, and Greg was sweet enough to hook it up for me on Tuesday. Been working to get everything back on there that I had on the old one. I’m getting there, but I’m still not done. But, I’m pretty sure I got everything OFF the old computer that I needed to copy to the new one. Too late now, if I forgot something, because Greg destroyed it yesterday and put it in the trash.

Rest in peace, you dusty old thing.