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Moms Know What They’re Talking About

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a new friend yesterday. We met at Wolf Camera and then went over to the mall where Sara got to check out the playground and play in the little stream. I had to put an end to that when someone added a whole bunch of chlorine to the stream, so we went to the fountain. Sara of course had to climb on top and run around the fountain, getting faster and faster and faster. She was making me really nervous because she was getting awfully close to the water. You can’t see to the bottom because the water is murky, they have plants and fish in that fountain, and I know there is some kind of grate at the bottom for the plants to attach to…. probably the perfect size for a little kid to get their foot stuck. I finally told her to get down, which she wasn’t too happy about. We walked back along the stream and my friend and I took pictures. Sara was having fun running, jumping, hopping, skipping but she knew she wasn’t allowed back in the water. Next thing I know, my friend is pointing out a dripping wet Sara on the other side of the stream. She fell in!!!! All those times I tell her to stop climbing, jumping, running, and to slow down… but she insisted on learning the hard way. Of course I had to shove the camera in her face, but she was so embarrassed that she turned away (like that’s going to stop me!) but then I got her to turn around after all.  Unfortunately Sara’s little swim meant that my friend and I had to cut our get-together short so I could take Sara home. It was warm out, but it was windy and she was getting cold.

Next time, I’m packing a change of clothes!

Strange Little Guy

Happy Sad Day

Three hours of LOST tonight 🙂 but it’s the season finale 😦

And the waiting begins again…..


First One Awake

… while everyone else is still sleeping.

What Am I? (3)

All That Remains

This is all that’s left of my Mother’s Day bouquets. Not bad for two weeks!

I Can See!

I could see just fine before, but it’s nice to get new glasses. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had my old ones. Probably at least three or four years. I like these, and what I really like, is that they have the (magnetic) clip-on sunglasses and I no longer have to switch between the regular pair and the sunglasses.


10 points to anyone who can guess which book that is 😉

Only Two Days Left To Order!

Just a reminder that there are only two days left to order any note cards before I take a break.  Any orders received before May 25th will be shipped by June 4th.

I will still accept orders after May 25th, but cannot guarantee shipment before we leave for vacation.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider….

Summer Wreath

No dancing devils and pitchforks, so sail boats and a lighthouse will have to do 😉

Spring Wreath

I think I need to change the flowers…. it’s too hot for spring.

It’s Official

It’s definitely summer!  Honestly? I could do without temps above 90F. And no, it wasn’t raining.

Another Money Tree

How cute is that?! The kids made it for me on Mother’s Day after we got back from IKEA. Too bad the leaves of this one aren’t turning into real money either.

Texas Dandelion


My Other Soccer Star

Her season is over… the last game was May 10th, and even though her team lost 8 out of 10 games, she had fun anyway.

She won’t be able to sign up for soccer in the fall because she chose to do athletics at school next year, but she’s going to try out for the school’s soccer team.


Under NO circumstances should you eat this ice-cream!! It’s really terrible and I feel it is my duty to warn my friends.

If however a pint or two will make it into your shopping cart anyway, not to worry. Just pack it in dry ice and express mail it to me and I will safely destroy the ice-cream for you. (Mailing address available upon request)


One of the many flower buds on my prickly pear cactus. Soon this bud will be a beautiful yellow flower. Each flower only blooms for a couple of days. On the first day it is yellow, by the second day it has turned a pink/peach color, and on the third day it is already wilted.

Under The Money Tree

Hm…. I don’t see anything growing yet!

This was my little Mother’s Day gift that I picked out at IKEA. It’s about 12 inches tall, and I’m sure you guessed that I already bought a clay pot for it, that I’m going to paint.

Mother’s Day Adventures

OK, it wasn’t exactly an “adventure”, but I got to go to one of my favorite stores yesterday.  We got there early enough to browse through the furniture part of the store, had lunch in their restaurant, and then browsed through the downstairs. We looked at lamps for the dining room and I think we could both agree on this one I love the option of candles or light bulbs. We didn’t buy it yet because Greg won’t have time to put it up before we leave for vacation, so we’ll just have to go back 😉 The girls found some huge plush dolphins that they fell in love with, and Greg bought them. Stay tuned for pictures!

I’m already looking forward to going back with a friend this fall, after the new school year starts. Just her and me… no kids to slow us down, and no husbands to tell us to hurry up.

Happy Mother’s Day

Having some problems with the blog today… hope this finally shows up (and only ONCE!)

What Am I? (2)

There’s No Bugs On Me

There’s a bug on the flower…


… but no bugs on Sara! This used to be her favorite commercial (still is I think! They are showing it again). The video is from April 2006