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10,000 clicks on my blog since I’ve started it!! Wow!

THANK YOU to all my loyal readers! 🙂


Hey, look! The crazy lady with the camera finally took down the snowman welcome sign and replaced it with something else! It’s true… up until two days ago I still had my cute little snowman hanging next to the front door. We always go in and out of the back, so it was pretty much forgotten, and all the other welcomes are out in the shed somewhere. I found this one at Michaels on clearance a couple of weeks ago. It was unfinished but did have the flowers at the bottom. They’re metal, and stapled to the wood. A real joy to paint around them! At least it’s something that can hang out there all year round if I forget to change it out!

And all you macro gals out there, you’re WELCOME to come over for some lessons 😉


This butterfly seems to love the biggest one of our banana trees because I keep seeing come back, and always sit on the same leaf. Yesterday I was outside with my camera, when I spotted my little friend. I inched closer and closer, taking pictures, just in case he flew away. At times he would take off, flutter around my head, and then sit down on the banana leaf again, still letting me come closer and closer, until I was only inches away from him.


White And Green


Ahhh, Texas summer! Predicted high for today: 105 F, according to our local NBC station.  Thinking cool thoughts (with the help of my cell phone wallpaper) just isn’t working.

Queen Anne’s Lace

A Place To Paint

It was the name of a paint-your-own-pottery place only about three miles from my house. Oh how I miss that place. I used to spend hundreds of hours there, painting. It was so relaxing, and so much fun! And once a month, they had “Diva Night”. This was on a Saturday after regular store hours, and you needed a ticket to get in.  They picked a different theme every time, and there was food and refreshments. Diva Night was girls night, no men allowed…. well, I think they were, but none ever came. Sadly, a few years ago, the owner moved and the store closed. There are others like it in the area, although not as close, but I haven’t gone there – yet.

These are some coasters. They match the set of dishes I painted. The sun (recognize it?) was part of a dingbat font and I printed it out in various sizes and then cut out some stencils.

If anyone happens to have this font, please let me know the name of it so I can download it again. I can’t find it anymore, and can’t remember what it was called. Thanks!

Where Am I?

A little twist to the What Am I? game…

Of course this was taken several months ago. There is NO need for jackets now!



Mug Series – part 9

Time for another mug shot, so you didn’t think I ran out 😉

This was obviously a souvenir from San Francisco, and yes, I like my coffee with with whipped cream… or flavored creamer.


The underside of a banana leaf



I left found my heart in San Francisco…

This whole pile came from the same place, Baker Beach in San Francisco, right next to Golden Gate Bridge.  There are almost no seashells on this beach, but plenty of rocks. While walking along, I kept looking for a heart-shaped rock, and was lucky enough to find one…. and then I found part of the inside of a seashell that looked like a heart.



Got a little bored with the look of my blog and thought it was time to change the theme, along with a few other little things.

Look Up

Splash Of Purple


Tale Of The Earring

No vacation is complete without a few souvenirs, right? When we were at the Grand Canyon, I found this really pretty pair of Earrings and bought them. … along with a few other little things. Back in the car, I dug them out of the bag and wore them. And of course I wore them again the next day. I don’t wear earrings very often because a lot of them start hurting/itching, but these didn’t bother me at all, which I was very happy about. So we find a hotel sometime late that afternoon and decide to just walk over to the restaurant and get dinner to take back to the hotel room and eat. There were two fast food places and Greg went to the one, while the kids and I went to the other, and met back at the hotel. Sometime after dinner, I take my watch, rings and earrings off…… and realize that I was missing one of the earrings!!! Lost, only one day after I bought them! We searched the whole room – nothing! Greg went and searched the hallway and outside, even asked at the front desk to see if anyone had turned in an earring. Nope. Then I walked over to the fast food place and asked if anyone found it, searched everywhere – nothing. We searched again the next morning, and asked again at the front desk, but the earring was nowhere to be found. I still had a glimmer of hope left, because there was a small chance that it might have fallen into the suitcase between the clothes, but I was going to wait until we got home to look. Too much work, to take everything out and put it back. LOL

Fast forward to the very last day of vacation, when we stopped at The Big Texan Steak Ranch.  They had a gift shop next to the restaurant and while Greg waited with the kids until they finished eating, I went to browse through the gift shop and waited for them to meet me there. I came to a small jewelry display with earrings and necklaces and on one side I saw the familiar blue color of my single little earring. Was it possible? At first I found a pair that was similar, but it didn’t look like they had the exact same ones…. when near the bottom I saw them! MY earrings!! Needless to say, I bought them, and now I have a complete pair, plus an extra one. It’s twin is still lost somewhere, unfortunately.


One from the archives.  Hard to believe that my sweet little boy is turning 17 today.

Happy Birthday, Nick! ♥

** edited post to add a more recent picture of Nick. This was last August.

Hi Daddy

Sara is so cute, talking on  the phone to her daddy that I had to snap some pictures. Of course she was trying to turn away from me, or walk out of the room. Greg is away on business this week, but is finally coming back home tomorrow! Sara misses him so much, and every time Greg calls, she comes running into the room, asking if she can talk to him.

The Chosen

… room to get painted, that is! This is our dining room (excuse the flashy snapshots, please). See why that color has to go?! It actually looks better in the photos than it does in real life. Sometimes the color being off can be a good thing! And no worries, that ugly lamp will find a new home in the trash as soon as we can find one to replace it with…. and Greg will find the time to change them out.

This is the view from the kitchen (and yes, I know that the table & chairs don’t match the cabinets)

View from the computer room room

View from the living room

And here is the view from Melissa’s room, towards the kitchen.

I’m kinda leaning towards some kind of green, and maybe put a darker shade on the bottom and a lighter shade on the top half of the wall, and the trim white…… or maybe some kind of brown tones? I dunno…