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A Place To Paint

It was the name of a paint-your-own-pottery place only about three miles from my house. Oh how I miss that place. I used to spend hundreds of hours there, painting. It was so relaxing, and so much fun! And once a month, they had “Diva Night”. This was on a Saturday after regular store hours, and you needed a ticket to get in.  They picked a different theme every time, and there was food and refreshments. Diva Night was girls night, no men allowed…. well, I think they were, but none ever came. Sadly, a few years ago, the owner moved and the store closed. There are others like it in the area, although not as close, but I haven’t gone there – yet.

These are some coasters. They match the set of dishes I painted. The sun (recognize it?) was part of a dingbat font and I printed it out in various sizes and then cut out some stencils.

If anyone happens to have this font, please let me know the name of it so I can download it again. I can’t find it anymore, and can’t remember what it was called. Thanks!