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Camera Strap Covers

Check them out!! I’ve seen them online for up to $23 a piece!! Um… right!! Loved the idea, though, and thought I would give it a try myself. I don’t have great sewing skills, but enough to manage a simple little strap cover 😉 I made all three of those over the past week-end. Love how they feel, too. No more rubbery patch on the back of the strap rubbing against my neck! I’m slightly addicted to making them LOL. Greg thinks I’m crazy for having all those different ones, but hey, I want to be able to switch them out! I already have another trip to the fabric store planned, to look for some fabric with soccer balls on it. It’s a must for the fast approaching fall soccer season!

I have a little bit of each fabric left, if anyone would like a strap cover. Just let me know the length (fabric part of the strap) and width (leather pieces on either end of the fabric part) of your strap, and I’ll get that done asap.

And yes, that’s my old film camera. Couldn’t get a pic of the strap with it on the DSLR unless I used the p&s…. not going to happen! LOL