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Archive for 15. September, 2008

The Party

It was fun, and all the kids had a great time! Can’t say “all the girls” because one girl’s little brother was there, too.  Four out of the invited seven guests came, plus little brother, so there were still seven kids.

They got to skate for a while first, then they did the Happy Birthday dance on the rink (they spelled Melissa’s name wrong twice! It went from Malissa to Mellissa to Melissa!). Then it was cake & present time, and then more skating.

Melissa wanted chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a caramel Hershey kiss on top.

The birthday kids got a crazy hat made out of balloons – Melissa turned 12, so they used 12 balloons.

And a panning attempt of Sara skating. I thought these little “walker” things were a great idea! They helped the little ones skate, and kept them from hanging on to the wall the whole time. And they kept them from falling down so much (although they still fell from time to time).