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Archive for 5. October, 2008

Stupid People Pi$$ Me Off!!

And this Kansass (no, this is not a typo) almost got us our brand new car totalled yesterday! We were in the HOV lane, going at least 60mph, when Kansass slowly – and illegally – made his way into the HOV lane, because the regular lanes were moving extremely slow.  You can’t just jump into the HOV lane, because there are these rubbery “sticks” separating it from the regular lanes (you can see the ones for the south bound lanes on the left side of the picture), so Kansass was nice and careful not to mess up his Lexus. Thankfully Greg was able to stop in time and not hit him, but we almost got rear-ended, too! What a way to find out that the brakes and horn are working!! Only minutes later, the HOV lane came to a crawl, too, because of a broken down car in the HOV lane.

We had just come from Sara’s soccer game, and I had the camera with me… and thought, why not take a picture of this Kansass and plaster it all over the Internet? I should add it to flickr, too, and make it public.