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Archive for 11. October, 2008

The Dark Side

My dear friend Amber moved her blog from WordPress to Blogger recently (you can now find her here: A Frame In Time) and double dog dared me to create a blog over there, too. She didn’t think I would, but I did! See? The Daily Click on Blogger

But no worries, I won’t move to the dark side, like Amber did. I’m staying right here on WordPress. Personally, I don’t like Blogger. For one thing, the pictures are too small! Only 400 pixels wide, and there is no way to make them bigger. And, I just don’t like it.

The only good thing about Blogger are the thousands of free layouts, and that you can change the text colors, etc. I spent hours scrolling through the free layouts, and bookmarking some favorites, so I will keep my blogger account to play with the templates, hoping that some day, that option will be available on WordPress.

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