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Rogue – The Saga Continues

The car is still not fixed. It’s been in the shop since…. I don’t even remember when. Over a week? They called last Friday and asked Greg to bring back the rental, and they would give him another Rogue to drive. Same model as ours with almost the exact same options (they actually were the same, but this blue one had a couple hundred Dollars worth or more options than ours). They said they wanted us to drive it so we could see what the gauges do, and guess what?! Same problems!!!! Then they try to tell us, oh, that’s normal! Uh-huh, yeah. I think NOT! Because the Nissan Frontier that we had as a loaner didn’t do it, the Nissan Quest they gave us as a loaner, didn’t do it, and the Quest we used to own a few years ago didn’t do it either!! It’s NOT normal! Over the week-end I searched online and found a Nissan forum where people were having the same problems with theirs, and at least one person got his fixed. Greg printed that out, and also went searching for some solutions and found a field manual to download, explaining exactly what needs to be done, as far as testing and repair.  He took all those printouts to the dealer today when we took the blue Rogue back, and gave them to the service advisor.  He came back, saying that they need to call Nissan tech support and see what they say, and ask permission to replace the problem part (what??? Ask permission to fix the car??).  At one point he even talked to the owner of the dealership, who told him that he would have taken the car back and refunded us all our money – IF the plates hadn’t been in yet (they came in on Saturday), and if we hadn’t already made our first payment. Great! Couldn’t he just pretend that the plates didn’t come in until this afternoon (after he took the car back) and give us a check for the full purchase amount, including down payment, so we could have paid it off? I really don’t see where the fact that we already made a payment makes a difference. In the end, they gave us $50 in gas cards and sent us home in our car, while they ask for permission to fix it. Probably hoping that we either give up, or decide to take it somewhere else, but neither is going to happen. I’m soooo tempted to buy that automotive window paint and write “Don’t buy at Nissan of (town name)” on the back window!

To be continued…….