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I don’t know what these are, but they smell soo good!


Mint Truffle Kisses

Hershey needs to stop coming out with all these delicious flavors… I’m running out of ideas of how to photograph them.


Black Friday

Who is going shopping today (went shopping)? It’s 5:30 am and I’m already back from Wal-Mart….. wow… it was a MADHOUSE!!!!! I left just before 5 am because I thought they opened at 5, but they must have opened earlier than that because the store was PACKED!!! I fought my way to the back of the store and got the girls each a Nintendo DS game (last copy of both titles!) and then picked up a pair of jeans for myself. Surprisingly, the lines at the registers weren’t that bad (probably because everyone was waiting in line to get a TV, etc. LOL). There was only one person in front of me at the check-out, so I was in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes.

If anyone is shopping at Wal-Mart, I strongly suggest that you take a sales ad with you if you have one!! NONE of the items I bought came up with the sales price, and the sale prices weren’t marked on the shelves/racks either. Thankfully the person behind me brought his ad and the cashier was able to override the prices.  Saved almost $40!!

I’m about to wake Melissa and we’re going to brave the crowds together… just for fun, and without a shopping list. Black Friday really isn’t so bad when you don’t have to stand in line to get a certain item 😉



Happy Thanksgiving

.. to all of you… from all of us 🙂

This is a picture of the place mat, Sara made at school. She has been using it every day since she got to bring it home. I love how tiny her little hand turkey is.


Of course the past week or two have been all about Thanksgiving at kindergarten, and they’ve done several projects. One was a picture they had to draw. First they cut out words that spelled “I like to eat”, and then write the words and draw a picture. Sara likes to eat PUKN PI.

Another project was a story that they made into a little book. They got to draw a picture for each page, and fill in the blanks of the story. It was called Pilgrims, and went like this: Long ago pilgrims came to America. They crossed the ocean in a ship called Maflawr. The men built hawses for their families. Friendly indins showed pilgrims how to plant corn. Pilgrims and Indians had the first Thanksgiving.
     Unfortunately she didn’t get to finish the last sentence, I would have loved to see how she would have spelled Thanksgiving.

Adventures In Turkey Frying

Several weeks ago, Greg thought it would be nice to have a fried turkey for dinner. He’s fried them before, and they always turned out delicious.  So he buys the turkey, puts it in the brine for a couple of days, and then sets up the turkey fryer in the back yard – far away from the house, “just in case”. When the oil was hot enough, he puts the turkey in… the oil temperature drops, which is normal, but then it won’t go back up! Seems that the propane tank might be empty?? What to do now?! He decides to bring it inside and finish frying it on the stove! Of course I have to help him, haul that huge HEAVY pot into the house, and we can’t just walk through the back yard and use the back door, that leads straight into the kitchen. Nope, that door is stuck and won’t open without a sledge hammer. We have to walk around the front and use the front door, which means walking twice as far, and having to walk through the living room and dining room to get into the kitchen…hoping we don’t spill that nice hot oil and send that turkey sliding right into he computer room! All goes well and we got the pot safely into the kitchen and on the stove, although I was a little worried about the stove collapsing under all that weight.  Frying took a little longer on the stove, because the temp didn’t get quite as high as it should, but the turkey tasted delicious!

Today, on Thanksgiving, the plan is to fry the turkey… let’s hope everything goes off without a hitch this time. I need the stove to cook the side dishes!


** Check back later today for a little bonus post 🙂


I could never get the kids to sit on this bench without making faces, trying to run away, or otherwise goof off. This model had no problems posing for me.


Yellow On Green


Country Sunset








Blue Butterfly (2)



Blue Butterfly (1)





Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf’s a flower.         ~ Albert Camus



My Sweet


Hot Dogs & S’mores



Get Off The Road…

… the dinosaurs are coming!!!

I walked into Sara’s room the other day and saw that she had all her dinosaurs lined up on her race track.


Seize The Day

Did anyone else go to IKEA’s “Seize The Day” sale? On Tuesday they had these dishes on sale for just $9.99 (for 18 pieces!). You had to have a coupon – which they were handing out right just inside the entrance doors – in order to get a set, and it was only one set per customer. But thanks to Amber’s help, I got to snag two sets.

And, since the name of these dishes is 365+1 it’s only fitting that they end up on my blog 😉


Japanese Windflower (2)



Rough Play

One last soccer pic until spring… I forgot I had this one. Are 5-year-olds supposed to be playing like that??


Fall Fun

The kids helped Greg with the yard work yesterday and were able to rake up a small pile of leaves. They had to let me take some pictures if they wanted to play in it (mean mommy!)



I’m So Honored…

… to have MY work hanging in my favorite photographer’s house.


Today’s photo courtesy of Treva Kane CopyKatOriginals