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Archive for 5. November, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Exposed!

Before Sara brushed her teeth this morning, she said:

Mommy, daddy, I have my first loose tooth…… see?  – as she proudly wiggled it to show us –   and when it comes out, I’m going to get money from daddy because he’s the tooth fairy!

What a smart kid! LOL

The Treats

The goodies, the kids got trick-or-treating… minus what they threw away because they didn’t like it, and what they already ate.  This is from two nights of trick-or-treating, a fall carnival, and a few goodies from school. If I spread all this out on a single layer, it would cover almost the entire dining table! I think we’re set until next Halloween (and then some!!). One place at the downtown trick-or-treat gave out piggy car banks. They had several different ones and the kids got to choose the one they wanted. Best treat in my book! The pencils that were made out of old recycled newspaper were pretty good, too.

They didn’t get all treats, though. One of the shoe stores at the mall gave out shoe laces and shoe horns.  I would consider that a trick.