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The Car is….

STILL NOT FIXED!!!! They’ve replaced the wiring harness this time, but that didn’t help. And again.. the easiest and cheapest thing (re-flashing the computer) was NOT done. They’re just a bunch of incompetent morons at this place.

Two pictures I took this morning. Started the car, fuel gauge showed full. Turned the car around to face it the other way, turned off ignition and immediately started the car again… fuel gauge shows one notch below 3/4 tank. That’s some crappy gas mileage if driving less than 0.2 miles uses 1/4 tank of gas!

We’re DONE with this place now. We will be calling Nissan Consumer Affairs to give them an update, and to let them know that we will be taking the car to a different dealer. At least all the things they broke/scratched are fixed.



Chocolate Marshmallow Kisses

Another yummy flavor (but the hot cocoa kisses are better).