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Archive for 15. December, 2008

Caught In A Blizzard

A blizzard of icing, that is!
The girls got to build wooden gingerbread houses at Lowes Saturday morning and kept insisting that gingerbread houses are supposed to be made out of gingerbread… so on Sunday, we looked for a gingerbread house kit for the girls, but all we could find were the trees. I mixed the icing and put it on the pieces while they stacked them up, and then let them do the rest. 
Well, this is what it ended up looking like…. if you look really close, you can see that there is gingerbread under all that icing. There is supposed to be a little candy star  on top of the tree, but they said it kept falling over so they left it laying down….. and drowned it in icing!
As soon as they were done, Sara came running and asked “can we eat it now?…. Oh wait, pictures!…. Mommy, can you take some pictures?” 


They did get to eat some of it after dinner.

And Stockings Were Hung By The Fire

OK, we don’t have a fireplace, so above the TV will have to do…


“Still, Still, Still”