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Happy Birthday old man honey!
Sorry for the sloppy, ugly cake, but YOU were the one who had to have the coconut pecan frosting. It’s a good thing I don’t get paid for my cake decorating skill or this cake would end up on Cake Wrecks for sure!
Maybe it’s  not so bad once I slice it, and I can add a picture later 😉

This morning when I wished my honey a Happy Birthday, he said
“How old am I now, 64?”
“Yes, honey, you’re 64 today.”
The poor man never knows how old he is, but he’s never been off by that much! LOL At least up until today he knew if he was 30-something or 40-something.

The End

Wow. Has it really been a year already? 366 days of at least one picture a day!
It was great, keeping in touch with old friends through our blogs, and making so many new friends along the way.
I want to thank all my loyal readers….. my old and new friends, and those who lurked every day (you know who you are 😉 )… for making this such a great blogging year. They say Time flies when you’re having fun, and this past year flew by at lightning speed.