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2009/59: Fun With Weeds (part 2)

These were taken yesterday in my back yard. I showed them to Greg in the evening, one at a time, and as I opened each picture I said “cool, huh?” And you know what he did? LAUGHED AT ME!! Why is that funny?! Men!
He did say that they looked pretty nice…. for dandelions!






2009/59: Fun With Weeds (part 1)




Stay tuned for part 2 this afternoon…

2009/58: First Blossoms

Told you it wouldn’t be long! Only a couple of days after today’s first picture was taken, the first buds opened.
I can’t wait until the trees are in full bloom, they’re so beautiful, and smell soo good!


2009/58: This Bud’s For You

No, not the beer (yuck!!)…  a plum blossom bud! Won’t be long now!


2009/57: Japanese Windflowers (4)



2009/56: Doodle Bug

Well, that’s what I get for scheduling a few posts in advance….. I have to post a bonus!
Sara brought me her MagnaDoodle yesterday to show me what she wrote on it.  All by herself, no help at all! She’s the sweetest little girl in the world ♥


Translation of what she wrote:
I love my mom  you are the cutest  I love snuggling with you!
(She always tells me “I love you mommy, you’re the cutest”…. but she tells daddy the same thing!!)

2009/56: Japanese Windflowers (3)

These, again, are from last October. Part 3 (of 10) in the Japanese Windflower series.



2009/55: Passion Flower

From last October. I didn’t even notice the heart shape in the background until just now.


2009/54: Pansy


2009/53: From The Archives

Spring soccer season is about to start and today is the first day of practice. Sara is so excited to be playing soccer again and I thought I would dig up a picture from the archives… from way back when she was still only dreaming to play soccer one day.
This was taken on September 17, 2005 when Sara was about 2 1/2 years old.  Melissa was 9 years old at the time and this was her second season, playing soccer. 
This year, Sara is starting her third season, and her team’s uniform looks just like Melissa’s, except that it is purple. Sara is no longer #12 this season, but #99.

I posted some videos of her last year, from when she found her love for soccer.


2009/52: Spring Has Sprung

Look what I found in my back yard! Soon, there will be plum blossoms, too.


Assignment 2

Check out Scott’s blog for his next assignment!
I’m going to try and participate again, and think it would be fun to see what YOU come up with.

2009/51: Stir Crazy

I swear, you can’t take that man anywhere!!
Greg has been home sick since Wednesday of last week. He’s been watching TV, reading, watching TV, watching TV, playing on the computer, watching TV shows online, going through his work e-mails and deleting spam, and doing some of his soccer coach duties. He even read my blog again (for the first time since JULY!!!! – not counting the few posts about my car).
Yesterday he wanted to go to Wal-Mart for some ice packs and a stop watch for soccer (why do you need a stop watch for soccer? Never mind…), and he wanted to look at  the Wii. He’s been thinking of getting one for a while, and he said he was going stir crazy, sitting at home all the time (mowing the lawn just didn’t sound like fun, even though it REALLY needs to be done!).  He assured me that he wasn’t going to buy a Wii yet, he just wanted to look at them. I should have known better…. and I’m sure his bonus from work was already burning a hole in his pocket, even though he didn’t officially have it yet, because about $350 later, we walked out of the store with a Wii console, a second remote (which came with more games) and a second nun-chuck.


At least he did buy the ice packs and stop watch, too!

2009/50: Bonus – Tulips

More pictures, taken with the D300 yesterday.
I really love this camera. Most pictures looked so good straight from the camera, that all I had to do was crop them. Some did get a slight curves adjustment.




2009/50: First One

Last week, when I was out with Amber, taking pictures, we stopped at this quilting store here in town because I needed a camera strap cover for my D300. It seemed only fitting that I should take the first pictures with the new camera of the fabric I found. I loved the colors, and what could be more perfect than flowers, right? And, it’s girlie! Greg won’t come near the camera if it has a girlie camera strap cover on it. He has a business trip to NYC coming up in March and had the nerve to ask me if he could take the D300 with him to take pictures!! Um, NO! I offered him the D70s, but I need all my lenses and he would have to stop at B&H to get a lens ( 😉 ). He didn’t seem to like this idea very much, even though I told him I could give him a list to choose from.
Anyway… here’s my find! And not to worry, I bought myself some tulips for my Birthday yesterday, so stay tuned for pictures of them.


We also went out to dinner with friends yesterday, to one of my favorite restaurants.  Thanks Amber & family for spending part of my day with me, we really had a great time.


2009/49: Bonus

Thought I’d post a little bonus pic today, for all those that keep whining complaining pointing out that I never post any pictures of myself.
So here you go! That’s me on the left and my little sister on the right. I think I was about 4 years old, and my sister was 3, taken when we were in Kindergarten… which is the German version of preschool.
(No one ever said it had to be a current picture of myself!)


Please excuse the quality, this is a picture of a picture that my sister took years ago.

2009/49: Best Birthday Ever

Finally!!! I thought this day would never get here!!
I’m proud to say that the camera arrived on January 22 and I’ve waited until today to start taking pictures with it!
I did get to take it out of the box the day it arrived (or I should say evening, because that darn UPS truck didn’t get here until  6:42 pm!!!), and I did charge the battery the next morning and adjusted all the settings to where I wanted them (for now). I even put a lens on, but no memory card… or I probably would have accidentally taken a picture or two (or three).
I told Greg that as long as I could take pictures OF the camera, I would be OK waiting until my Birthday to take pictures WITH the camera… who knew that box would sit there for WEEKS, begging me to open it!! But I resisted. Talk about willpower!!! LOL
Thank you, Honey, for the best Birthday present ever! (But don’t let him fool you, he did make me fork over the $900 that I had saved up for it so far! So it only counts for half a present, right? I think the other half should be a new lens.)
Needless to say, I’m heading out today to find a suitable first subject for my new baby.


2009/48: Signs Of Spring


2009/47: A Bug’s View (2)


2009/46: A Bug’s View (1)


2009/45: Happy Valentine’s Day

This is the card, that Sara got to hand out to her classmates yesterday. Sadly, they didn’t have a Valentine’s Party. I thought it was district wide, but then I found out from Amber that her daughter’s school is doing Valentine’s parties.
I e-mailed Sara’s teacher to ask why, and told her that Sara was really looking forward to exchanging valentines with her classmates. She wrote back, saying it was a decision made by the PTA and the principal, and that they had opted for an end of year party instead.
I’m sorry, but what is so special about an end of year party? The whole last week of school is pretty much a party… no one does anymore learning, the report cards are already printed, they have field day, and everyone is excited about summer break.
The next day, Sara’s teacher came up to me at the end of the school day to tell me that she talked to the room mom, and the students would be allowed to exchange cards during social studies time on February 13th. Yay! That’s all I wanted. I’m OK with not passing out candy, etc. but to not even let them exchange cards just didn’t seem right. I guess more parents complained, because just a few days later, another note was sent home (with ALL the students), saying that there would not be any Valentine’s parties, but the students would be allowed to exchange cards if they chose to. But, the kicker was that the PTA was asking the parents to help bake or donate cookies for all the teachers as some kind of Valentine’s appreciation thing (I forget the wording). What is wrong with that picture??? The kids are denied a party, but the teachers get one, cookies and all? Needless to say, I did not drop off any cookies. I would have gladly baked some for the students, though.


This picture was inspired by Kristie



2009/43: To Die For

This is a cinnamon wheel from Papa Murphy’s Pizza. They have really good pizza, too, and this is one of those places that will prepare the pizza, and then you take it home and bake it yourself.
A few months ago we tried the cinnamon wheel….. it’s SO good, I could eat the whole thing by myself. The icing is light and fluffy, not the sticky gooey kind.
The pizza is great, but don’t come home without a cinnamon wheel!!