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2009/49: Bonus

Thought I’d post a little bonus pic today, for all those that keep whining complaining pointing out that I never post any pictures of myself.
So here you go! That’s me on the left and my little sister on the right. I think I was about 4 years old, and my sister was 3, taken when we were in Kindergarten… which is the German version of preschool.
(No one ever said it had to be a current picture of myself!)


Please excuse the quality, this is a picture of a picture that my sister took years ago.

2009/49: Best Birthday Ever

Finally!!! I thought this day would never get here!!
I’m proud to say that the camera arrived on January 22 and I’ve waited until today to start taking pictures with it!
I did get to take it out of the box the day it arrived (or I should say evening, because that darn UPS truck didn’t get here until  6:42 pm!!!), and I did charge the battery the next morning and adjusted all the settings to where I wanted them (for now). I even put a lens on, but no memory card… or I probably would have accidentally taken a picture or two (or three).
I told Greg that as long as I could take pictures OF the camera, I would be OK waiting until my Birthday to take pictures WITH the camera… who knew that box would sit there for WEEKS, begging me to open it!! But I resisted. Talk about willpower!!! LOL
Thank you, Honey, for the best Birthday present ever! (But don’t let him fool you, he did make me fork over the $900 that I had saved up for it so far! So it only counts for half a present, right? I think the other half should be a new lens.)
Needless to say, I’m heading out today to find a suitable first subject for my new baby.