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2009/49: Bonus

Thought I’d post a little bonus pic today, for all those that keep whining complaining pointing out that I never post any pictures of myself.
So here you go! That’s me on the left and my little sister on the right. I think I was about 4 years old, and my sister was 3, taken when we were in Kindergarten… which is the German version of preschool.
(No one ever said it had to be a current picture of myself!)


Please excuse the quality, this is a picture of a picture that my sister took years ago.

10 responses

  1. doreen3boys

    You haven’t changed one bit! At least from what I can recall you look like, it’s been a looooooooong time!!! so cute! I see your girls in this pic too!

    Happy bday once again, my spoiled brat!

    18. February, 2009 at 07:16

  2. dalia

    WOW! Melissa looks just like you!!! very cute picture .

    18. February, 2009 at 07:23

  3. Ha ha you’re cheating. This is an adorable picture, though. I don’t think Melissa looks like you at all…but Sara does!

    18. February, 2009 at 07:42

  4. LOL we get that all the time… some people say that they both look like me, some say that Melissa looks like me, and some say that Sara looks like me.

    Btw. there IS a current picture of me on Amber’s blog 😉

    18. February, 2009 at 07:47

  5. So adorable! I totally think Sara looks likes you!

    Happy Birthday!

    18. February, 2009 at 07:54

  6. burstmode

    it is quite obvious you are siblings! Do you still look that much alike?

    18. February, 2009 at 08:03

  7. ashleyhiskesphotography

    Love this picture! I have many that have turned red-ish like this.

    18. February, 2009 at 08:21

  8. Well. Now THIS is the current picture. -Until updated.

    18. February, 2009 at 08:22

  9. Yes, this IS the current picture! 😉
    Ashley, I think the reddish color is just the typical 70’s color cast in this case.
    Honestly, I never saw the resemblance between my sister and me… and I haven’t seen my sister (or pictures of her) in years. We’re less than a year apart and my mom always dressed us alike – as you can see! – and some people actually thought we were twins.
    And Doreen, that’s the sweetest lie ever (that I haven’t changed one bit)! 🙂

    18. February, 2009 at 09:43

  10. plainmama

    Aww. I think Sara looks like you and Melissa looks like your sister!

    18. February, 2009 at 14:44

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