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Assignment 2

Check out Scott’s blog for his next assignment!
I’m going to try and participate again, and think it would be fun to see what YOU come up with.

2009/51: Stir Crazy

I swear, you can’t take that man anywhere!!
Greg has been home sick since Wednesday of last week. He’s been watching TV, reading, watching TV, watching TV, playing on the computer, watching TV shows online, going through his work e-mails and deleting spam, and doing some of his soccer coach duties. He even read my blog again (for the first time since JULY!!!! – not counting the few posts about my car).
Yesterday he wanted to go to Wal-Mart for some ice packs and a stop watch for soccer (why do you need a stop watch for soccer? Never mind…), and he wanted to look at  the Wii. He’s been thinking of getting one for a while, and he said he was going stir crazy, sitting at home all the time (mowing the lawn just didn’t sound like fun, even though it REALLY needs to be done!).  He assured me that he wasn’t going to buy a Wii yet, he just wanted to look at them. I should have known better…. and I’m sure his bonus from work was already burning a hole in his pocket, even though he didn’t officially have it yet, because about $350 later, we walked out of the store with a Wii console, a second remote (which came with more games) and a second nun-chuck.


At least he did buy the ice packs and stop watch, too!