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2009/90: Birthday

Happy Birthday to my oldest! Cameron is 20 years old today!


2009/89: Where Do I Go From Here


2009/88: Celebrate The Arts

This week was Celebrate the Arts at the local high school. Melissa performed with her school’s choir on Tuesday evening, and they sounded wonderful! Unfortunately, Greg and Sara didn’t get to go, because the performance was scheduled for 8:20 pm – almost an hour past Sara’s bed time.
On Thursday, Sara brought a note home from school, saying that her art was selected for the art show this week-end. Of course we had to go and check it out Friday evening.
This is her masterpiece that was chosen:


2009/87: Grape Hyacinth



Thank You!

…. to all my visitors from all over the world! 🙂


2009/86: Fun With Weeds (part 4)

A dandelion after the rain.


2009/85: After The Rain

We got more rain yesterday afternoon, but right around sunset the sun came out again. It looked so pretty, I had to go outside and take some pictures.


Unfortunately, Michaela…

I saw this on Marla’s blog and had to try it!
Just google “unfortunately” and your name, and take the first sentence (or the one that contains “unfortunately,..”) from the search results.

1. Bob is so knowledgeable–unfortunately –Michaela insisted on interrupting him too, to give him a dose of her knowledge of horses.
2. Unfortunately Michaela’s kidneys became damaged and she needed four doses of antifungals each day.
3. Unfortunately, Michaela’s mother Elizabeth, played by Georgann Johnson, has fallen ill due to a heart condition and eventually dies leaving her estate to Michaela to establish a hospital in Colorado Springs.
4. Very unfortunately Michaela missed out on a final place by just .24 of a second.
5. Unfortunately Michaela has developed a pretty serious cold in the last couple of days
6. Unfortunately, Michaela explained, GreenPeace is also an organization that works off of donations, making it almost impossible for them to directly  support the Mindo action with the funding it so badly needs.
7. Unfortunately, Michaela had to leave before I could serenade her, but her mother thanked me for my kindness.
8. Unfortunately Michaela, passed away from lung cancer in June 2000.
9. Unfortunately Michaela has been home with a bad cold/fever, so we’re praying that Emma doesn’t pick up this bug too.
10. Unfortunately Michaela is not one of them, unlike her husband who is also an active memory athlete
11. Unfortunately, Michaela’s days are also numbered with us.
12. Unfortunately, Michaela suffered a freak accident, when the ball caught her in the face and she had to leave the field for the remaining 10 minutes.
13. Unfortunately Michaela felt like being an amateur Veronica Mars and snuck into the flat and recorded the break up conversation.
14. Unfortunately, Michaela was not meant to follow this kind of path.

2009/84: Japanese Windflower (6)



2009/83: Love


2009/82: Color

I do prefer flower pictures in color (most of the time), so here are yesterday’s images again.




2009/81: Black & White

This is for KD’s challenge.




2009/80: Unidentified

I don’t know what these are, I found them in my front yard and saved them from the lawnmower blades.




Another Challenge!

Who’s up for it?
Another blog friend, KD, posted a challenge at her blog this morning, that sounds like it will be a lot of fun! You can get the details here.
Any flower is OK, and it can either be true b&w or toned.

As luck would have it, I already had a picture handy, and won’t have to go out and search for anything.

OK, it seems that I misunderstood the challenge. We are supposed to take a series of pictures of the same flower. This means I have to go and buy some and find the time to photograph them.
Fingers crossed that I will find something nice! Soo…. please ignore this lonely picture and stay tuned for the real challenge entry.


2009/79: Daisy (3)

I wasn’t necessarily planning on posting this today, but Amy requested a front shot, so here it is…



Melissa’s blog!
Got it all set up for her, and she picked a template she liked…. and she just posted her first picture!
She’ll be blogging from my computer for now, and I set up her blog, so all comments come to my e-mail address for approval/review.

2009/78: Daisy (2)


2009/77: Like Mother, Like Daughter

A little bonus for today!
Melissa has been taking pictures with her cell phone since she got it last Christmas, and since she seemed so interested, I decided to take the D70s out of retirement and teach Melissa how to use it. I’m starting her off right: in manual mode.
She got her first little lesson yesterday, and then she went out into the back yard to take some pictures. Today we went to the park for more practice.
I gave her my old Quantaray 28-90mm lens because it has a macro switch (and I also have some fun filters that fit this lens, although she hasn’t tried them out yet), and she had fun, taking pictures of flowers.


2009/77: Daisy (1)


2009/76: Shamrock


2009/75: A Thank You

I received a little surprise in the mail on Saturday. It was a thank you from my friend Amy , and to celebrate her 1-year blogging anniversary. It was a beautiful photo album and a small little note book, that will be perfect to keep in my camera bag. And some orange creme Kisses!
Thank you, Amy, for that special surprise. And thank you for blogging. I have a few very favorite blogs, that I really look forward to reading every day, and yours has always been one of them.
As you can see, I’ve already picked out a few pictures to put into the album. It really shows off the photos well.

(The Kisses will get a post of their own soon!)

2009/75: Green

This was part of the flowers-from-my-honey bouquet.


2009/74: Dandelion Dew



2009/73: Bradford Pear