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2009/65: Here’s Looking At You

Ohhkaaay  *covering eyes*  put on some clothes, will ya? I really don’t want to see anyone reading my blog in their birthday suit! Unless you’re my hubby, then I don’t mind… but you’re definitely NOT him!
Hmm…. where IS hubby anyway? Oh yeah, probably reading “Hurley’s” blog. Again!
(Btw. you should really close the door, when you have guests… your granny just walked by and she didn’t like what she was seeing either!)

And what’s with all you lurkers out there? Always here to read, but never leave a comment. Why is that?! Come on… leave me a comment. I dare you! But you wont, will you? You’re too chicken!

You look like hell! You should probably call in sick today…. take some aspirin and go back to bed.

Good morning! You look like you had a few too many last night! Starting the week-end early? Have fun with that hangover… maybe you should call in sick, too!

Hey, did you know that your kid is right behind you, making faces at you? Tell him you saw that and “prove” to him that moms DO have eyes in the back of their heads!

You again! Turning the light off in the room is NOT the same as putting clothes on!! At least get a robe or something! Your neighbors might appreciate that, too! And your granny!

Quick! Close that browser! I think that’s your boss coming down the hall… he probably wouldn’t be happy to find out what you really do all day at work.

Hi Honey! Nice if you to tear yourself away from Hurley’s blog and come read mine! Hurry home today, I MISS YOU ♥ !! Have a safe flight back! See you tonight!


Well, I tried to take a self portrait for all of you, but unfortunately (yeah, right!) my arms just aren’t long enough to hold the camera far enough away to fit more of me (oh darn!), and I didn’t feel like digging out my tripod and setting it up (really!)