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Another Challenge!

Who’s up for it?
Another blog friend, KD, posted a challenge at her blog this morning, that sounds like it will be a lot of fun! You can get the details here.
Any flower is OK, and it can either be true b&w or toned.

As luck would have it, I already had a picture handy, and won’t have to go out and search for anything.

OK, it seems that I misunderstood the challenge. We are supposed to take a series of pictures of the same flower. This means I have to go and buy some and find the time to photograph them.
Fingers crossed that I will find something nice! Soo…. please ignore this lonely picture and stay tuned for the real challenge entry.


2009/79: Daisy (3)

I wasn’t necessarily planning on posting this today, but Amy requested a front shot, so here it is…