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Unfortunately, Michaela…

I saw this on Marla’s blog and had to try it!
Just google “unfortunately” and your name, and take the first sentence (or the one that contains “unfortunately,..”) from the search results.

1. Bob is so knowledgeable–unfortunately –Michaela insisted on interrupting him too, to give him a dose of her knowledge of horses.
2. Unfortunately Michaela’s kidneys became damaged and she needed four doses of antifungals each day.
3. Unfortunately, Michaela’s mother Elizabeth, played by Georgann Johnson, has fallen ill due to a heart condition and eventually dies leaving her estate to Michaela to establish a hospital in Colorado Springs.
4. Very unfortunately Michaela missed out on a final place by just .24 of a second.
5. Unfortunately Michaela has developed a pretty serious cold in the last couple of days
6. Unfortunately, Michaela explained, GreenPeace is also an organization that works off of donations, making it almost impossible for them to directly  support the Mindo action with the funding it so badly needs.
7. Unfortunately, Michaela had to leave before I could serenade her, but her mother thanked me for my kindness.
8. Unfortunately Michaela, passed away from lung cancer in June 2000.
9. Unfortunately Michaela has been home with a bad cold/fever, so we’re praying that Emma doesn’t pick up this bug too.
10. Unfortunately Michaela is not one of them, unlike her husband who is also an active memory athlete
11. Unfortunately, Michaela’s days are also numbered with us.
12. Unfortunately, Michaela suffered a freak accident, when the ball caught her in the face and she had to leave the field for the remaining 10 minutes.
13. Unfortunately Michaela felt like being an amateur Veronica Mars and snuck into the flat and recorded the break up conversation.
14. Unfortunately, Michaela was not meant to follow this kind of path.

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