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Drumroll, Please!

Announcing a brand new blog! (Yeah, just what you needed… another blog to add to your list!)

This one is special, because you get to see what Amber and I are up to when we get together. We will both be posting on this blog (but she’s a slacker, so….). It won’t be a daily one, but hopefully a once-or-twice-a-week one. And I’ve convinced Amber to keep it G-rated for certain younger readers. Wouldn’t want her to post those pictures she took of me the other day (don’t get all excited, I was just showing her what was next to my ring finger đŸ˜‰ )

Come check it out!  Weird and Crazy

2009/103: Three On Bluebonnet Hill


That’s Amber on the left, me in the middle (silly me didn’t think to put the camera bag down!), and SkinnyMinnieMellie on the left.
Check out Amber’s and Melissa’s version of this pic!