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2009/109: It’s A Miracle!

Can you believe it?! Greg started… and finished… a project!!
Last Saturday he bought a raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry plant at Lowe’s, to plant in our yard. He wanted to build a little garden for them. He planned on doing that on Sunday, but then we heard on the radio that it was supposed to rain on Saturday. That meant he had to get started NOW! So after lunch we made a trip to Home Depot and bought the blocks for the retaining wall. Greg figured out that we needed 36 and wanted to get them all at once. I wasn’t so sure that we could fit them all in the back of the Rogue, not to mention all the weight back there! Those things weighed 22lbs each! By the time we had 20 blocks loaded onto the cart I had him talked into making two trips. Home Depot is only about a mile from our house, so why not, right?
We loaded them all into my car, went home and unloaded, and then went back for the remaining 16. Then Greg dug up the grass and built the wall before calling it a day (never did clean the grill like he had planned 😉 )
Sunday morning we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some potting soil while we were there, and Greg finished the little garden, although he did have to go back to get more potting soil.
Only thing, I wish the blocks were off-set, but that was hard to do, since he would have had to break one in half, and he didn’t have anything to do that with.
One project – started and finished! I’m almost impressed! Now if only he could finish a few more of the projects that he started over the years…