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2009/151: Field Day Fun

139 Photos + 1 lobster sunburn = watching her have the time of her life!

I remembered to put sunblock on Sara, but completely forgot to put some on myself because I had to rush to get ready and head over to the school, so even though it looks like her face got burned, it’s just the glow from that orange shirt (whoever picked that color was obviously NOT a photographer! LOL)

2009-151 -1

2009-151 -2

2009-151 -3

2009/150: Tomboy

aka Sara.
Didn’t take her long at all to tear up her brand new sandals. They were only about two weeks old, and she only wore them every other day at school, because on PE (gym) days, she wears tennis shoes.


2009/149: Monarchs

2009-149 Monarch02

2009-149 Monarch03

2009-149 Monarch04

2009/148: Pansy


2009/147: Prickly Pear

The first blooms on our massive prickly pear cactus opened up last Sunday.

2009-147 -1

2009-147 -2

And to show just how massive it is! If you look closely, you can see three yellow flowers. All the green buds will be more flowers soon.
2009-147 -3

2009/146: Teacher Gift

There are only a few days of school left this school year…. and this is the gift that Sara will give to her teacher.
I painted the frame, but the handwriting is Sara’s. I had her write on a piece of paper, and then I used graphite paper to transfer it to the frame.



2009/145: Wheels

Greg took the day off on Friday and we bought the girls bicycles. They knew they were getting them soon, but they didn’t know that the bikes would be waiting for them after school.
Melissa used to have a bike when she was about Sara’s age, but when she outgrew it and refused to ride a new one without training wheels, we never got her another bike – until now. We headed out to a quiet street in our neighborhood after dinner on Friday and Greg got to teach Melissa to ride a bike. He had to hold on to her the entire time, or she would have instantly fallen over.
Yesterday Greg took the kids out to ride the bikes again, and this time Melissa was able to ride on her own for a few seconds. A few more practice days and she’ll be a pro!
(And yes, Greg wears his Halloween shirt even when it’s not Halloween!)

2009-145 - 1

2009-145 - 2

2009/144: Blue Eyed Grass

At least that’s what Melissa said this is.


2009/143: Bubbly


2009/142: Awards

Yesterday evening was the Junior Highschool Academic Awards Ceremony, and Melissa received three awards!
The second picture is a copy of the PowerPoint slide, that I had to request. Their timing at the awards was a bit off, and Melissa’s name only stayed up for a second or two, before they switched to the next person. Not long enough for me to take a picture.
We’re very proud of her! Her name was also mentioned on the local newspaper’s website (and possibly in the newspaper itself, too) because she made A-honor roll those last six weeks. And there was an article about Eco-Defenders Club in a local magazine, along with a picture of Melissa, her teacher, and several other club members.
(A little about Eco-Defender’s Club: Eco-Defenders science club finished their fundraisers for the year, and are proud to announce that they successfully saved 17 acres of the rainforest in Madagascar. We will continue to raise awareness this year and spread the word about saving the Earth.)

2009-142 Awards 1

2009-142 Awards 2

2009-142 Awards 3

2009/141: Japanese Windflower (10)

Saving the best for last.



2009/140: Mushroom


2009/139: Bonus – 3 Out Of 5

We had a soccer game yesterday evening and Sara did GREAT!!! She scored five goals! Four of them in the first quarter and the fith in the second quarter…. and almost scored at least two or three more throughout the game.
I was able to capture three out of the five goals.
She fell, too, and hurt her pinky finger, but my tough cookie got right back up and kept playing.

2009-139 Goal-1

2009-139 Goal-2

2009-139 Goal-3

2009/139: Busy Bee


2009/138: Texas Bluebonnet Leaf


2009/137: Japanese Windflower (9)



2009/136: Reflection

My living room window, reflected in a dew drop hanging from the very top of a not-yet-unrolled banana leaf early one morning.


2009/135: Grass, Part 2

You probably remember this macro version of the grass. I decided to go back and take another picture, showing what the grass really looks like. Those of you who said that they’ve never seen grass with purple on it, will probably recognize it now.


2009/134: Mow Me

Thankfully the grass was mowed the day I took this picture.


2009/133: Video Bonus

Monday was the last choir concert of the school year, and I attempted to record/video tape it with my cell phone. It’s not the greatest quality, but here is the Womens Varsity Treble Select Choir performing “Only Hope” (originally performed by Mandy More, on the soundtrack of A Walk To Remember).
And not that you can tell, but Melissa is somewhere near the center of the first row. They sounded beautiful!! This does not do them justice at all. (Please turn up your volume all the way)

And here is Mandy Moore’s version (don’t forget to turn your volume back down!)

2009/133: Wood Wick

Greg gave me a Wood Wick candle for Mother’s Day (currant scented). These are the coolest candles! They crackle when you burn them, and sound like a mini fireplace.
In the pictures you can also see smoke (??) and it actually travels from the candle towards the wick. I’ve never seen that before with regular candles.



2009/132: Planting

This was Mother’s Day afternoon. Sara brought two bean plants home from school the Friday before, that she wanted to plant into pots, and Melissa saved some apple seeds, that she wanted to plant.



2009/131: Bonus #2

Better late than never!
Greg didn’t get me any flowers for Mother’s Day yesterday. He talked about stopping at the store on the way home from breakfast and picking up some flowers, and he said that I could pick them out myself. I told him that I didn’t want to pick out my own flowers and I guess all he heard was “I don’t want to pick out my own flowers”.
I did complain, and today he brought me this beautiful bouquet!! ♥

2009-131 MothersDayBouquet

2009/131: Bonus – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Enough already!!!!
We lucked out over the week-end and it was mostly damp. Got another soccer game out of the way, but it was drizzly and I decided to keep the camera in the car. It was killing me, not being able to take pictures!!! But, I figured, if I went and got it, it would start pouring.
Yesterday was drizzly a good part of the day, too, and today the rain is back. I’m ready for those clouds to make some room for the sun!

This was taken at the park where I usually walk… the fields are slowly turning into lakes.

2009-131 RainRainGoAway