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Archive for 13. May, 2009

2009/133: Video Bonus

Monday was the last choir concert of the school year, and I attempted to record/video tape it with my cell phone. It’s not the greatest quality, but here is the Womens Varsity Treble Select Choir performing “Only Hope” (originally performed by Mandy More, on the soundtrack of A Walk To Remember).
And not that you can tell, but Melissa is somewhere near the center of the first row. They sounded beautiful!! This does not do them justice at all. (Please turn up your volume all the way)

And here is Mandy Moore’s version (don’t forget to turn your volume back down!)

2009/133: Wood Wick

Greg gave me a Wood Wick candle for Mother’s Day (currant scented). These are the coolest candles! They crackle when you burn them, and sound like a mini fireplace.
In the pictures you can also see smoke (??) and it actually travels from the candle towards the wick. I’ve never seen that before with regular candles.