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2009/181: Anniversary

…of the day we met, fourteen years ago ♥


2009/180: Monarchs

2009-180 Monarch05

2009-180 Monarch06

2009/179: Dayflower


2009/178: Horses

Crocheted horses, to be exact. These are Melissa’s creations.


2009/177: Honeysuckle


2009/176: Grasshopper

Found this cute little guy on one of the raspberry leaves. He was tiny!!


2009/175: Raspberry

Growing in our garden.


2009/174: Ivy

A new favorite.

2009-174 Ivy

2009/173: Sunset

This was on June 12, just after 8pm. It was the strangest light…. it was getting dark, but it was still bright at the same time, and everything had this strange orange glow.

2009-173 Sunset 01

2009-173 Sunset 02

2009-173 Sunset 03

2009/172: Family


2009/171: Poppy (2)



2009/170: Poppy (1)




2009/169: Tomato-To-Be


2009/168: Magnolia


2009/167: Larkspur


2009/166: Bonus! Vacation Planning 101

  • Decide where you want to go
  • Plan your route, making sure you can visit some friends along the way.
  • Log on to Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins & Dives website* and look for “where Guy went”, then go down the list to see what’s listed for the states that your vacation route will take you through.
  • Mark DDDs with a red flag on your map.
  • Take Alton Brown’s Feasting on Asphalt book off the shelf, see what’s on your route, and mark the restaurants with a red flag on your map.
  • 2009-166 VacationPlanning101

    (* Greg has Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives book, too, but it doesn’t list all the restaurants. The website does.)

2009/166: Pink Evening Primrose


2009/165: Fly


2009/164: Indoor Soccer

The spring soccer season ended on May 30,  and Greg signed Sara up for indoor soccer over the summer…. then we have the outdoor fall season starting in September.
June 6th was the first indoor game, and Sara loved it (she even scored a goal)! She said she likes it better than playing outside. I have to say, though, indoor soccer is a LOT more running, and they get just as sweaty and hot as playing outside.
This is a new team, the Little Coyotes, although one of her Kitty Katsteam mates is on this team with her.


I will probably be leaving the camera at home for the other games. The lighting was terrible, and I had the ISO up as high as it would go, and a lot of times still couldn’t get fast enough shutter speed to avoid motion blur. Having to shoot through  plexi didn’t help much either, as you can see by the reflections.

2009/163: Blueberry Hill Farms (3)

The only pictures of me picking blueberries and blackberries 😉

2009-163 3a

2009-163 3b

2009/162: Blueberry Hill Farms (2)

Not only did we pick blueberries, we picked blackberries, too! I only wish I could eat more than three or four of them. Darn allergies!

2009-162 2a

2009-162 2b

2009/161: Blueberry Hill Farms (1)

More pictures from our little trip on Sunday.

2009-161 1a

2009-161 1b

2009-161 1c

2009-161 1d

2009-161 1e

2009/160: Working Out

I did it! I officially joined a health club.  I’ve lost about 20 lbs by walking every morning, at a local park, but it’s getting too hot out to do that, so when Amber mentioned last week that she’s going to a 24-Hour Fitness to take a tour, I met her over there and we took the tour together.
We liked what we saw (they even have a kiddie pool and slide) and signed up for the free 7-day trial membership. We signed our husbands up, too, and came back that evening to work out…. and brought the husbands with us so they could take the tour as well… and then work out with us.  Another great thing at this location is the free child care. Unfortunately Melissa is too old for it (it’s for kids 11 and under), and I was told that she would need a membership to use the pool. They have a great deal for students, so I signed her up for the free trial, because I want her to use some of the equipment, too, not just the pool. She really seemed to like it, especially the bikes.
So yesterday I started the memberships for Melissa and me, Greg decided against it, but he might join the gym at work, which is slightly cheaper than 24-Hour Fitness.
I usually walk an hour on the treadmill, and I’m pretty much done after that! I need to work up to more. Melissa starts out on the treadmill with me, and then moves on to the bikes, and Sara has fun at childcare.  I’m thinking about attending a spin class… has anyone ever done one? I was told they are tough! I certainly will not do a whole hour on a bike in spin class after walking an hour on the treadmill, that’s for sure!


2009/159: Pick ‘N Edom

We went to Edom, TX to pick blackberries and blueberries Sunday morning. Greg kicked the poor girls out of bed at 6 am and we were on the road by about 6:30 am…. and back home around 1:30 pm.
We picked a LOT of blackberries, and a TON of blueberries! We’ll probably be sick of them by the time we eat them all. But it was fun!