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2009/265: Fitness Evaluation, Part 1 And 2

When I joined the gym in June, the membership manager asked if I wanted a complimentary fitness assessment, but I declined. I said no again when he asked a few weeks later, but when he asked a third time, I finally said yes (to shut him up).
He set me up with a trainer for July 22, and when she took all my measurements, she said that they could do that once a month to track my progress. I finally set up the second appointment with her for yesterday (two months after the first one) and here are the results…

Weight:  -13 lbs
Neck    :  no change
Chest   :  -1.5 inches (darn!)
Bicep   :  -0.5 inches
Forearm:  -0.25 inches
Waist   :  -1.5 inches
Hips     :  -2.5 inches
Thigh   :  -1 inch
Calf       :  no change

You didn’t think I would post my actual measurements, did you? 😉