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2009/304: Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween!
Sara wanted to wear her Minnie Mouse costume from last year (and the year before) again, and Melissa will be a vampire. Hopefully they will cooperate and let me take some pictures in their costumes! But I have the perfect blackmail material…. “no pictures, no candy!!” Right?
These are the pumpkins they painted. Sara went on a class field trip to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago and got to pick out a small pumpkin to take home.

2009-304 1

2009-304 2

2009/303: She’s Back!

Back to blogging, that is! So be sure to check out Melissa’s blog from time to time. She would really appreciate it if you left her a comment, too.
(Hey Doreen, when is Buddy getting his own blog?)


2009/302: Fire Ants

Just one more thing I hate about Texas!
Have I mentioned that before? Well… if I did.. it deserved to be mentioned again!


2009/301: Beach

Wish I was there…


2009/300: From Me To Myself (2)

2009-300 2a

2009-300 2b

2009-300 FiveDollarFlowers 2c

2009/299: Bonus (Saturday’s Moon Shot)

It seems that I fooled you all!!
The picture I posted on Saturday wasn’t the moon at all, but the sun! I took the picture somewhere in Houston, on our way back to Dallas. It was cloudy/foggy, and the way the clouds/fog were covering the sun helped make it look like the moon. That, and underexposing.
Settings for Saturday’s photo were ISO 200, f-8, 1/4000s.

Here is another one from that day. I like the way the sky turned out, but the brightness of the sun probably wouldn’t have fooled anyone into thinking this was the moon. Settings for this one were ISO 200, f-11, 1/8000s.

2009-299 Bonus

2009/299: Me

The Johnson Space Center in Houston has some great mirrors. They show no distortion whatsoever! Nope, none at all!
(But please remember that the camera adds 10 pounds!)


2009/298: From Me To Myself (1)

Yup, bought my own flowers 😛

2009-298 1a

2009-298 1b

2009-298 1c



2009/296: Nikon In Space

Of course NASA would pick nothing but the best!

Nikon F  This camera was used to familiarize Apollo astronauts with the use and function of the Nikon F. This off-the-shelf camera was used inside the Apollo spacecraft for photo documentation of mission events.


2009/295: Dallas

Back home after our little Houston area getaway. Dallas was just as foggy as Houston that day, and it rained, too.

2009-295 1

2009-295 2

2009/294: Houston (2)

On the way back home, Houston was a little foggy.

2009-294  1

2009-294  2

2009-294 3

2009-294 4

2009-294  5

2009/293: NASA (Part 2)

More from our day at the Space Center in Houston

2009-293 2a

That’s Sara, “landing the space shuttle”
2009-293 2b

2009-293 2c

2009-293 2d

2009/292: NASA (Part 1)

A must-see during our recent getaway to the Houston area was the Space Center. Last time we were in the Houston area we made it all the way to the entrance and decided to skip it because of the looooong lines. This time wasn’t nearly as crowded.
We spent about 5 hours there and didn’t get to see it all. Unfortunately we missed the tram tour. We stood in line for a while and then it started pouring… and I really didn’t want my camera to get wet, so we went back inside and had more fun there. The kids had a blast, too (no pun intended 😉 )
Sorry about the picture overload, even though I’m breaking this up into two posts. When I was little, I wanted to be an astonaut, you know? (Any of you facebook friends who take my how well do you know me test, should at least get this one question right!)

2009-292 1a

2009-292 1b

Sara’s favorite place to play. She didn’t want to leave!
2009-292 1c

Inside the Space Shuttle
2009-292 1d

On the moon
2009-292 1e

2009-292 1f

Moon rocks
2009-292 1g

2009/291: Galveston

Sunday (October 11 2009) we went to Galveston. I was really looking forward to a day at the beach, but it was chilly and drizzly…

2009-291 1

the seagulls didn’t seem to mind, though.

2009-291 2

You can still see the damage from Hurricane Ike. The Flagship Hotel was hit pretty hard, even the ramp to the hotel parking lot was destroyed. Even my favorite souvenir shop (Murdoch’s) was closed, but we saw painters there and it looks like they will be reopening at some point.

2009-291 3

The water was warm…

2009-291 4

…and we had fun, looking for seashells.

2009-291 5

Then we had lunch at the best place in town, The Spot, before heading back to the hotel.

2009-291 6

This is also my entry for Scott’s latest assignment: water. Check out the details and enter your own pictures!

2009/290: Kemah

Of course no trip to Houston/Galveston is complete without going to Kemah (at least if you ask Greg!)
Sadly, Kemah was hit hard by Hurricane Ike. Some places are rebuilding, and others still look like this. We didn’t make it to the boardwalk because it was early in the morning and they don’t open until 11am.

2009-290 1

The reason for going to Kemah? Dinner! Well.. dinner for Greg and the kids. Only seafood I eat is fish!

2009-290 2

add some seasoning…

2009-290 3

ready to eat!

2009-290 4

2009/289: Houston (1)

We went on a little getaway last week-end since the kids were off Monday and Tuesday.
On our way, we drove through Houston.

I just happened to spot these guys last minute as we drove by, and managed to get a shot without any cars in the way.2009-289  1

2009-289 2
Every time we drive through Houston and Sara sees the ferris wheel, she says “I wanna go on the ferris wheel!!” (Maybe someday…)
2009-289 3

2008/288: Dragonflies

2009-288  1

2009-288  2

2009-288  3





… and a favorite song


Happy Birthday to my very best friend, Heike, who lives much too far away in Germany.


2009/284: Perfect

LOVE  it when I find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly!
They’re not easy to find… I went to Kohl’s first because I’ve had good luck with pants there before. Jeans? Not so much.  Next stop was Old Navy and I didn’t have any luck there, either. So I thought I’d try Wal-Mart next and found them! Who knew that the perfect pair would be only two miles from home?!




2009/282: Moon

A little getaway coming up… can you guess where we’re headed? (And no, it’s obviously not the moon 😉 )