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The end of another year…. hope it’s been a good one for all of you.

Today is also Greg’s Birthday… 45!! Happy Birthday, Honey!

2009/364: Little Artist – 2

This one is my favorite of the three.

2009/363: Little Artist – 1

She did a pretty good job! 🙂

2009/362: Basketball

Warming up just before the first game of the season. She’s having a blast so far!

2009/361: Another Amaryllis (8b)

Because I couldn’t decide which one I like better.

2009/360: Another Amaryllis (8a)

2009/359: Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!

2009/358: Jingle Bell

Tonight’s the night when Santa will arrive! He usually makes it to our house while we are out to dinner.  But all day long, I will be hearing I can’t wait until tonight! Yeah, that’s going to be fun (NOT!). One thing is for sure, we will be heading out for an early dinner, to a place right here in town! At least this is one of the very few occasions when both kids will eat their dinner faster than you can ask them if they want dessert, too, so they can get back home asap to see what Santa brought.


2009/356: Another Amaryllis (7)

There I go again… yup, took some more amaryllis pictures. I promise, I only have a few left 😉

Protected: 2009/355: Bonus (usual password required – contact me if you need it)

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2009/355: Lights

2009/354: Christmas Cactus

Saw this little guy at IKEA last week-end, jumping up and down, and shouting pick me! pick me! … and couldn’t resist.

2009/353: O Christmas Tea

For all my tea drinking friends and family, if you can find this tea in your local stores, you have to try it!! It’s SO good!
(And if you’re in the over-21-crowd, it’s even better with DeKuyper Buttershots! 😉 )

2009/352: O Christmas Tree

Just one of the many cross-stitched ornaments on our Christmas tree.

2009/351: Christmas Concert

Melissa’s school choir had their Christmas performance at one of the high schools here in town last week. The girls looked so pretty in their dresses, Santa hats, and holiday ribbons tied around their waists. Melissa’s group (varsity treble) sounded absolutely beautiful! I was so happy that one of the songs they sang was my all-time favorite Christmas song, “Silent Night”.

I also wanted to thank those of you who not only took the time to stop by Melissa’s blog yesterday, but took the time to comment, too. It really means a lot to her and me. Thank You!! It’s so nice to have such wonderful friends and family 🙂


This might look vaguely familiar to some of you 😉
And for the rest of you, this was/is our Christmas card this year.

2009/349: Another Amaryllis (6)

2009/348: Another Amaryllis (5)

2009/347: Shea Cashmere

Found this hand cream at Bath & Body Works recently and it’s wonderful!! It smells really nice, too. 
My hands get so dry in the winter, but with this hand cream they are moisturized and soft! Best part is that I got it on sale for $6! I only bought one, and liked it so much, I went back a few days later and bought another one while they were still on sale, because there’s just no way that I will ever pay the regular price of $14.50 for it, no matter how great it is.

2009/346: Another Amaryllis (4)

2009/345: Amaryllis Bud

2009/344: It’s Beginning To Look…

… a lot like Christmas!
Got the house all decorated for Christmas on Monday.

2009/343: Another Amaryllis (3)