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2009/342: One Down…

… two more to go! Finally finished Nikki’s Christmas stocking yesterday. Too bad there’s no way that the other two will be finished by Christmas. Not even close!! Oh well, there’s always next year.

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  1. doreen3boys

    wow, that is really gorgeous………how long did it take you?

    8. December, 2009 at 06:15

  2. Thanks! It took much longer than it should have. I think I started it back in June? But I did put it aside for about three months to stitch a baby quilt.

    8. December, 2009 at 06:18

  3. Now We know what you’ve been up to instead of walking. 🙂
    It is a beautiful piece of needlework. I’m sure she will hold it in high esteem for many years.

    8. December, 2009 at 06:20

  4. Nope, can’t use stitching as an excuse for not walking. It’s just been a busy couple of weeks, and kids have been sick, too.

    8. December, 2009 at 06:24

  5. I have never quite understood the concept of Christmas stockings. I mean, it is no stranger than the concept of toys in shoes from Venezuela, yet…how come? Who was the one that decided, “Hey, its gotta be fun to jam kids toes by sticking lumps of coal or ipods into their shoes/stockings.”

    8. December, 2009 at 08:12

  6. Daneen

    Beautiful! I especially like the heart on the “e” in Nicole.

    8. December, 2009 at 08:38

  7. photographybycheryl

    gorgeous Michaela, wow. You are multi-talented, but of course we knew that 🙂

    8. December, 2009 at 09:02

  8. It’s beautiful! You’re not alone, it took me a couple of years to finish stockings for the family too.

    8. December, 2009 at 14:30

  9. It’s so pretty! I’m sure she’ll love it now because of that, and cherish it later because it was made by someone special.

    8. December, 2009 at 14:40

  10. plainmama

    That’s gorgeous Michaela! I love how bright and vibrant it is. And, of course, how much love and time was put into making it!

    8. December, 2009 at 19:38

  11. dalia

    amazing! you are so talented!!

    8. December, 2009 at 21:45

  12. snaphappymel

    I didn’t even notice the heart until I saw Daneen’s comment! LOL The stocking looks really cool!

    9. December, 2009 at 19:50

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