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We’re thinking of a little trip to Colorado in March and I was wondering if anyone reading my blog lives there, or has ever been there and can suggest some things to see and do.
We definitely want to go to Colorado Springs and see Garden of the Gods, and Pike’s Peak (snow!!!), but what else??

2010/007: Road Conditions

Ahh, the long-awaited vacation posts… and I have to warn you, I have  L O T S  of them!!! We were only gone for nine days, but once I get done posting all the pictures, it’s going to seem like we were gone for a month! LOL

Driving on Christmas Day turned out to be no fun at all. It started snowing here on Christmas Eve (Dallas had the first white Christmas in 83 years!!) and we got up bright and early on Christmas Day and were on the road just after 6am. It wasn’t bad at first, the local roads were fairly clear, but the highway was a different story. We had a sheet of ice and snow to deal with all the way through Texas and Oklahoma. The only good thing was that traffic was pretty light. Then as soon as we crossed into Missouri, the roads were perfectly clear!! A little wet, but not icy.
We didn’t make it as far as we’d hoped, and ended up spending the night in Joplin, Missouri.
Because of the terrible roads, it took us 11.5 hours to drive what took us 6.5 hours last summer!

All through Texas and Oklahoma we must have seen about 40-50 cars and trucks in the ditch or median.