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2010/119: Rays

2010/118: Ranunculus (2)

2010/117: Lily

2010/116: Blackberries-To-Be

2010/115: Color-A-Cookie

Last week-end, Melissa rode her bike to her school to meet a friend at the track, and then spend some time at the library. Sara really wanted to go with her, but she doesn’t do well on her bike yet and manages to fall over, even with the training wheels, and they have to cross a street that can be busy at times, and I just don’t feel comfortable letting Sara go without Greg or me. Poor thing was really disappointed, but we promised to take her to Target to look for a pretty dress for the 1st grade performance (she wore it in the pictures I posted yesterday), AND of course we could look for samples! NO trip to Target (or Sam’s Club for that matter) is complete without looking for samples!!
So… while in the grocery department of Target, Sara found these cookies that came with food coloring markers and HAD to have them! She started coloring them as soon as we got home, and had to have a little lick of this one… that she was going to try to get Melissa to eat! Melissa (surprisingly, since she hates Spongebob!!) wanted to color some cookies, too, and ate the ones she colored herself, and Sara ended up eating the one she slobbered on. All’s well that ends well 😉

2010/114: Seven

The goof turns 7 today. Where did the time go??!! Seems like just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital.

Happy Birthday, my Little Bug ♥

2010/113: Creme De Menthe Hershey Kisses

Dark chocolate with a minty center. De-Li-Cious!!
Please note all the Kisses that had to be sacrificed for the sake of the shot. May they rest in peace (on my hips) Thankfully I had some help, eating them.


2010/111: Got The Shot?

Easter Sunday in Oklahoma. Melissa actually brought her camera AND she actually took pictures!! Unlike our Indiana trip back in December, when she brought the camera and never even took it out of the bag!




2010/107: Ranunculus (1)

2010/106: Oklahoma City Snow

Nothing like a freak snowstorm on the first day of spring to end your vacation with 😉

Does this first picture tell you anything about me?

2010/105: Pine Cones

A little find along the path at Sprague Lake.
Actually, I don’t think this is a pine at all…. a blue spruce maybe?

2010/104: Sprague Lake

Our last morning in Estes Park, we went back to Rocky Mountain National Park one more time to check out Sprague Lake, which of course was frozen. It was a cold morning and we didn’t stay long. Melissa wasn’t feeling that well either, so it was a good thing that it was time to head toward home.

2010/103: Tree With A View

Picked the perfect spot to grow, didn’t it?

2010/102: Rocky Mountain National Park (2)

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2010/101: Got Oxygen?

We may have been at a higher elevation when we took the cog rail up Pikes Peak, but this was the highest at Rocky Mountain National Park.

2010/100: Rocky Mountain National Park (1)

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2010/099: Estes Park, Colorado

Partially frozen Lake Estes

Sunrise. View from our hotel

View from our hotel

The Stanley. VERY nice hotel (no, we didn’t stay there… a little out of our price range 😉 ). This hotel was Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining, and this is also where the TV series was filmed.

2010/098: Celestial Seasonings

A dress made entirely of tea bags, along with a matching purse, hat, and shoes.

2010/097: Manitou Springs

Sampling the mineral springs.

This was the one that smelled so bad, and the only one I didn’t try.