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2010/151: Raspberries (2)

2010/150: Raspberries (1)

2010/149: From The Archives – Sara (2)

Both from 2006…. and yes, the second one is when she found Melissa’s scissors and cut her own bangs! Dalia and Doreen, I’m sure you remember that 😉

2010/148: From The Archives – Melissa (2)

Both from 2006, the second one obviously from Halloween.

2010/147: Anacampseros Rufescens

Bought this funny looking plant at Lowe’s a couple of week-ends ago, and just a few days later it bloomed! I was lucky that I didn’t miss it, because the flower opened up in the afternoon, and by evening it was closed up again so tightly, it never even looked like it bloomed. Now I’m waiting patiently for it to bloom again.

2010/146: Creative Exposure

My contribution to Scott’s assignment
This was a tough one, because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I decided on rain, but of course when you want it to rain, it doesn’t. The garden hose isn’t hooked up yet (and who knows where that sprayer attachment is?!!), and so I grabbed a cookie sheet, plate, and glass (quite a set-up, isn’t it? 😉 ) and turned on the kitchen faucet instead… and had some fun playing with shutter speed.

Both pictures were taken with my 60mm macro lens, camera hand-held, ISO 200, f-3.2, and available light.

For the first picture I chose a fast shutter speed (1/160s) to freeze motion and to show the water bubbles as the glass flowed over.

For this picture I chose a slow shutter speed (1/25s) to show more motion and blur the water bubbles.

2010/145: Letter From Nick

I don’t know if I mentioned that Nick joined the Army (National Guard). He’s away for basic training right now and doesn’t have access to his cell phone. That of course means writing letters, although I really didn’t expect him to actually write. You know how boys are 😉
Imagine my surprise when I found a letter from him in my mailbox. Made me smile even more when I saw how it was addressed!  ♥

2010/144: Birthday Celebration

I’m only a month late with these. Had them all edited, and then never picked out any for the blog… oops! But here they are 🙂
For Sara’s Birthday, we went to Amazing Jake’s, just the four of us, and had a great time! Sara was dying to try the rock climbing wall! So was Melissa, but Sara could.not.wait!  She did really great!! She tried the easiest side first, and made it all the way to the top to ring the bell… she practically flew up! Melissa tried the second easiest, and didn’t quite make it.

Of course climbing up once wasn’t enough and they had to try again. I talked Sara into trying the second easiest side and she almost made it to the top before she slipped off (she made it further than Melissa! Melissa tried the easiest and made it to the top). Yup, always knew Sara was a little monkey! I think this is as far as she got, before she slipped and fell off.

They went on the bumper cars several times, too, and had a blast!

And of course the go-karts!! Unfortunately Sara is still too young to drive one herself, but she didn’t mind being Melissa’s passenger.

2010/143: Bonus: The End

Tonight will be the finale of LOST. I can’t believe this show (my favorite one ever!!) has been on for 6 years already. Seems like just yesterday that I was watching the previews for the pilot episode, thinking that this will probably be a stupid show. But, we gave it a try, and I have to say, I was sucked in and couldn’t wait for the next episode to air, when one was over.
Looking forward to tonight…. 4 1/2 hours of LOST!! (In my opinion every single episode should have been at least two hours long!) … but at the same time I’m sad that it will all be over.
This definitely calls for some coffee, to make sure I stay awake, but it will be recorded, just in case. At least we live in Central Time Zone, and only have to stay awake until 10:30 pm. 
LOST fans, don’t forget to tune in (or record, like it will be the case in our house) Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, or I should say tomorrow morning 😉


2010/143: Spotted Cucumber Beetle


2010/141: What Am I?

Some of you might remember this game… it’s been a while since we’ve played it, but it’s simple: just guess the object in the photo.
(Probably too easy!)

2010/140: Red Dragonfly


2010/138: Bonus: Birthday Lunch

I met with a friend for a very belated Birthday lunch today. I met Claudia at the gym sometime last fall, when I walked in shortly after her and someone at the front desk mentioned to me that she was from Germany, too. He also mentioned to Claudia that I was from Germany (well, close enough anyway) and we bumped into each other (not literally) a while later and introduced ourselves.
We ran into each other from time to time and chatted for a few minutes each time. When we found out that we’re the same age, AND our birthdays are only within about two weeks of each other (I’m the older one 😛 ), we decided to celebrate together when the weather was warmer. Unfortunately sick kids, vacations, bad weather, and busy schedules prevented us from meeting up… until today! And I have to say that we picked the perfect day, because it was just beautiful outside, and we did ask for a table outside.
We met at the restaurant at 11:30 am and didn’t leave until 2:10pm, when we had to go because it was time to pick up the kids. We probably could have sat there all day otherwise 🙂


2010/138: From The Archives – Sara (1)


2010/137: From The Archives – Melissa (1)



2010/135: Fireworks

2010/134: Great Purple Hairstreak

From the archives (2006)


Scott’s Assignment 7: Creative Exposure

For anyone who would like to have a little fun, check out Scott’s blog for the details on his latest assignment.

2010/132: Indian Head Penny

From 1905! Sara found it in the coinstar. Needless to say, I traded her a much newer penny for it.