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2010/181: Ranunculus (6)

2010/180: Ranunculus (5)

2010/179: From The Archives – Goofballs

From 2007

2010/178: From The Archives – Sara (4)

From 2007

2010/177: From the Archives – Sara (3)

From 2007

2010/176: Mini Orchid

From the Dallas Farmers Market.. sort of. I found this mini orchid in a store that’s right next to the farmers market (and bought it). You actually had to go through the farmers market building to get to this store.
Cross your fingers that I don’t kill this poor little orchid (anytime soon).

2010/175: Scraggly

At the Dallas Farmers Market… saw this poor little scraggly looking bird sitting among the banana trees.

Some Pictures

on the private blog.


From the Dallas Farmers Market… purple sage?


From the Dallas Farmers Market

2010/172: Sea Of Purple

From the Dallas Farmers Market


From the Dallas Farmers Market

2010/170: Hydrangea

From the Dallas Farmers Market

2010/169: Thumbs Up!

From the Dallas Farmers Market…. I didn’t see the “thumbs up” until I looked at this picture on my computer. This rose obviously approves of my picture taking 😉

2010/168: Halves

From the Dallas Farmers Market…. something seemed to have happened to the other half of these little flowers!

2010/167: Orange

From the Dallas Farmers Market… not sure what it is, I think it might be a moss rose?

2010/166: Bonus – Lost

No!! I didn’t lose Sara, and Sara didn’t get lost, either… but, I lost the equivalent of her weight. A whopping 47.5 lbs! 🙂


From the Dallas Farmers Market

2010/165: Hibiscus

From the Dallas Farmers Market


From the Dallas Farmers Market

2010/163: Dallas Farmers Market

We had never been to the Dallas Farmers Market, so we made a little trip there on Memorial Day. Bringing the camera was a must, but the fruits and vegetables weren’t very inspiring. The flowers on the other hand were a different story! Stay tuned for those images!

No, this isn’t the farmers market, but the building with the red roof on the very right is part of it.


Last one from the 2006 archives

2010/161: It’s Time

Today’s the day…. those of you in-the-know, you know where to find any updates (link is on my blogroll just in case 😉 )
I’m not sure how long I will be gone, but I will be back asap to catch up with everyone’s blogs. I also have plenty of posts scheduled here, to (hopefully) make sure I don’t miss a day of my 365. See you all soon!

2010/160: Guardian Angel

This is a necklace that I’ve had ever since I can remember. My grandmother gave it to me when I was really little (about 2 maybe?)
Btw. this charm is very small, only 1cm in diameter (3/8 inch)