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2010/207: Dress

Not just any dress, it’s my favorite! And the sad part is, I had to be talked into buying it (thanks, Amber!) because it’s not my usual style. Of course it helped that Greg liked the way it looked on me 🙂

Btw. shopping with Amber is fun! We met at Fashion Bug a couple of weeks ago because she wanted to look for some new clothes for her vacation, and she had a wedding to go to as well. We had a blast, making fun of the ugly clothes and accessories, and trying to get the other one to try them on. Neither one of us would do it, though. (Maybe next time… we need some new material for the Weird & Crazy blog, we’ve been neglecting).
The girls had fun, too, wandering through the store more or less unsupervised. Afterwards we went to Target and tried to talk the kids into trying on ugly clothes, but they wouldn’t do it either.