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2010/216: A Taste Of Home, Part 1

I saw my friend Claudia at the pool last week and she told me about this German Deli in the DFW area. Of course a trip there was a must, and we went last Saturday. I was in heaven, and could have literally bought half the store! Instead, I settled on just a few things, and we’ll just have to go back some time.

All the goodies we bought

This is what I was happiest about finding: Almdudler! My favorite soft drink! It’s made in Austria and a blend of apple and grape juice, flavored with alpine herbs (whatever those may be). It’s a carbonated drink that tastes similar to ginger ale, but much better. Too bad they didn’t sell it by the case!

The German flag colored ribbons they tied to the handles of their paper shopping bags were a nice touch.