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2010/222: Charlie

A special gift for one of the littlest members of the family.
Charlie was made with love at Build-a-Bear, with two hearts (Melissa and Sara both put one in) and stuffed by Sara.
I was a little disappointed in the store, though. We went to a bigger store that was supposed to have a bigger selection than the one at our local mall, but they really didn’t. It was a choice between this monkey, and a cute little dog, and the monkey won, because the t-shirt fit better. Then when it came time to stuff it, the store employee was going to stuff it herself and I had to stop her and ask if the kids could step on the pedal. Can you believe that?! Stuffing the animal yourself is part of the experience!! We won’t be back to that store. If there’s anything that our local Build-a-Bear doesn’t have in stock, I will order online and request it to be shipped un-stuffed (yes, you can do that), and then take it to the store to stuff it.