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2010/273: My Doctor Said I Need Glasses

Wine tasting isn’t the only fun thing to do at a winery. I like to browse the “boutique”, too, and see what kind of funny things they put on t-shirts.
My doctor said I need glasses was one of them.

Others were:
Drinks well with others  (I do!)
Well red
Wine me up
Wines all the time
  (who, me?)
Save water, drink wine  (one of my favorites!)
Zero to naked in 1.5 bottles (nah, 1.5 bottles is too much and would just put me to sleep! 😉 )
Got wine?  (well do you?)
Will trade husband for wine  (depends on the wine! 😉 )
You had me at Merlot
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


I guess the real question shouldn’t have been “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?”, it should have been “what would you do with a Klondike Bar?” and my answer is bribe my children to let me take some portraits for Scott’s latest assignment.
Yup, that’s how I got these photos: bribery! (And not ashamed to admit it!) Both pictures were taken on my front porch on a sunny afternoon, but on different days.

As you can see, her personality just shines through!
The typical teenager,  just wanting to get this over with, because getting your picture taken is so NOT cool! And that look on her face? It means You did not just tell me to sit down on that dirty porch!!

The 7-year-old, who was watching TV, when I dragged her outside for a little photo shoot. Bored, and ready to go back inside and get back to watching TV. Are we done yet, mom?

2010/271: What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

Not just any Klondike Bar, a Reeses Peanutbutter Klondike Bar!

2010/270: Rare Find

I never ever find anything with my name on it (certainly not spelled correctly), and when I saw this key chain on a trip to one of the local malls a few weeks ago, I had to buy it! 🙂


Another shot from the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Minneapolis (oh how I wish it was in Dallas instead!)


This was taken at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Minneapolis, MN and even though this isn’t 100% in focus, I love this photo for its colors and lighting.

2010/267: Fern

2010/266: Found

… at the Welcome Center in Wisconsin. Had to fight a bunch of mosquitoes to get it!

2010/265: Reflection, Part 2

This is where I found yesterday’s reflection!

2010/264: Reflection, Part 1

Anyone want to guess where I found this reflection?
(Check back tomorrow for the answer. You can guess all you want, but I’m not giving anything away today 😉 )

2010/263: Beads

2010/262: Minneapolis Sunset

Taken from the car, on our way back to the hotel. So glad I decided to keep the camera with me, and didn’t put it into the camera bag in the back.

2010/261: Orchid (6)

2010/260: Orchid (5)

2010/259: Orchid (4)

2010/258: Orchid (3)

2010/257: Orchid (2)

2010/256: Orchid (1)

2010/255: Family Portrait

2010/254: Summer Road Trip, Part 10

Wednesday, August 18 was the last day of our road trip. Our goal was to make it to Vinita, Oklahoma by lunch time. Why? Well, because of Clanton’s Cafe of course! The last possible DDD diner we would be able to stop at. And we made it! We even had time to stop at Summerside Vineyards first, which is also in Vinita, OK.  I saw the funniest things in their store…. I’m sure you all know the coozies you can get for soda cans and bottles, well the winery had them for wine glasses. And do you know what they are called? Woozies! 🙂

There was even a picture of Guy Fieri on the wall at Clanton’s

Our last stop was Whispering Meadows Winery in McAlester, Oklahoma, and we made it home at 6:15 pm.

2010/253: Summer Road Trip, Part 9

I guess you could say that on August 17th we were officially on our way back home, but that didn’t stop us from doing anything fun! Greg saw a Spam Museum sign along the highway and said “let’s stop!” and I said “sure!” and we took a little detour to the Spam Museum.

Unfortunately we got there over an hour before the museum opened, but there was a gift shop right next door, that opened an hour before the museum. We took some pictures while we waited for the doors to open and then browsed through the gift shop, where Greg bought this:

That was his lunch the day after we got back home. Fried! He said it was pretty good.. better than he remembered (probably because it was peppered). I passed. No Spam for me, thank you!

After the Spam Museum Gift Shop we stopped at two wineries (did some shopping there, too).  The first one was Two Saints Winery, and the second one Southern Hills Winery, both in Iowa.

Then followed the Coffee truck 😉 to Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City was a scheduled stop, and yes, after that awful hotel in Wisconsin we learned our lesson and made reservations the day before! We checked into the hotel first and then finally made it to another DDD diner, RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack. The food was very good!

After dinner it was back to the hotel for a good nights’ sleep before our last leg home the next day. This was the view from our room.

2010/252: Summer Road Trip, Part 8 (cont.)

After the loong day at Mall of America, we went back to the hotel to rest up a little before getting together with our niece and her boyfriend again. We looked up the DDD diner we wanted to go to, and unfortunately they weren’t open for dinner… or were closed on Mondays, something like that. So, we had to scratch another diner off our list.
We ended up having dinner at Cossetta’s, an Italian Restaurant in St. Paul, and then we all went to our niece’s house. We sat by the fire, had a glass of wine or beer, and the kids played with the dogs again, and later on the Wii, getting addicted to Mario Cart. Another really nice evening with family.

2010/251: Bonus – Hermine

Yes, this storm we are in the middle of right now has a name, and is leaving north Texas (and other areas as well) a complete mess! All I can say is Tropical Storm Hermine needs to move on asap! We’ve gotten 5 inches of rain so far (since yesterday morning) and it’s not over yet!
We had some rain late last week and our roof sprung a leak… there was water running down from the ceiling in Melissa’s room! Greg called the roofer, who was able to come out the next morning and take a look. He told us that we would need different types of shingles for the flat roof above Melissa’s room, and he was going to e-mail us a quote.
It was sunny after that, but sometime yesterday morning it started raining again, and by about 4:30pm, we had water dripping from the ceiling again. Greg called the roofer back, who was able to come out during a break in the rain and patch up the roof. It didn’t stop the leak, but it slowed it down. Still, I’ve been waiting ever since for the ceiling to come crashing down. So far, so good (knock on wood!).
So now we need a good three DRY days, and then another day and a half for the roofer to do the work. Anyone want to trade some sunshine for a steady downpour? I’ll be happy to trade!

2010/251: Summer Road Trip, Part 8

Monday, August 16th, we went to the Mall of America. We went early and got there right around the time they opened, and were able to get a pretty good parking spot, too. It’s best to write down where you park, because it’s not just remembering A2 or C5, nope, there’s a lot more to it. We were parked in P4 West Arizona, 14 Aisle C…. which is somewhere around Macy’s. I think it was the second floor.
That place is huge, though!! You’ve all seen the big malls with the circle (road) around the outside of the parking lot. Well, the Mall of America has stop lights in that circle!

From one of the travel brochures we picked up:
With more than 500 stores and 4.3 miles of storefronts, it would take 86 hours to visit each store in Mall of America, if you spent 10 minutes in each. The mall attracts more than 40 million visitors annually. The four-story mall features four anchoring department stores: Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Sears.
The mall has 50 restaurants and two food courts. Attractions include Nickelodeon Universe (theme park), Underwater Adventures Aquarium, Lego Imagination Center, and several movie theaters.

We spent a whole 5 hours in the mall. Greg was a little disappointed: it’s just a mall! Well yeah, what did you think it would be??
We had planned on leaving the mall around lunch time and going to one of the diners, but then changed our mind and ate lunch at the food court. Didn’t want to give up our good parking space 😉 That still left us with one DDD diner on our list to try for dinner.