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2010/247: Summer Road Trip, Part 5 (cont.)

Thursday afternoon, Cameron was able to leave work a little early, and we went to the Lake County Fair in Crown Point, Indiana.
Not exactly my kind of fun, but oh well. The weather was sunny, hot and humid, but at least the crowds weren’t too bad when we got there. Admission was cheap, and we even got $1 off per person by bringing an empty soda can. The wrist bands were what got us! (They were a bit overpriced for a little Fair like that if you ask me!) I was a pretty cheap date and didn’t get a wrist band, I’m OK with not going on any rides.
We got there late afternoon and it was dark (and very crowded) when we left… can’t even remember what time it was. For me, the highlight of the Fair was the deep-fried 3Musketeers candy bar that I had for dinner. YUM!! Melissa had deep-fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Sara decided she’d rather have a funnel cake… that we all helped her eat because it was huge (and delicious!)

Sara’s favorite ride!

This one she said was boring LOL

More County Fair pictures tomorrow…