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I guess the real question shouldn’t have been “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?”, it should have been “what would you do with a Klondike Bar?” and my answer is bribe my children to let me take some portraits for Scott’s latest assignment.
Yup, that’s how I got these photos: bribery! (And not ashamed to admit it!) Both pictures were taken on my front porch on a sunny afternoon, but on different days.

As you can see, her personality just shines through!
The typical teenager,  just wanting to get this over with, because getting your picture taken is so NOT cool! And that look on her face? It means You did not just tell me to sit down on that dirty porch!!

The 7-year-old, who was watching TV, when I dragged her outside for a little photo shoot. Bored, and ready to go back inside and get back to watching TV. Are we done yet, mom?