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2010/273: My Doctor Said I Need Glasses

Wine tasting isn’t the only fun thing to do at a winery. I like to browse the “boutique”, too, and see what kind of funny things they put on t-shirts.
My doctor said I need glasses was one of them.

Others were:
Drinks well with others  (I do!)
Well red
Wine me up
Wines all the time
  (who, me?)
Save water, drink wine  (one of my favorites!)
Zero to naked in 1.5 bottles (nah, 1.5 bottles is too much and would just put me to sleep! 😉 )
Got wine?  (well do you?)
Will trade husband for wine  (depends on the wine! 😉 )
You had me at Merlot
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

9 responses

  1. doreen3boys

    LOL! So, let’s see a pic of you in all the t-shirts you bought 😉

    30. September, 2010 at 07:26

  2. Reading t-shirts is very entertaining! This has nothing to do with wine, but a funny one I saw a guy wearing recently said “My other body is a temple.”

    30. September, 2010 at 09:00

    • LOL Nick had a shirt a few years ago, that said something similar.

      30. September, 2010 at 17:04

  3. LOL! Too funny!

    Can’t decide if the glasses look like EYES or BOOBS! Lol! 🙂

    30. September, 2010 at 17:00

  4. dalia

    Save water, drink wine! Love it!!!

    30. September, 2010 at 19:57

  5. I’ve always been a fan of the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”!!!

    30. September, 2010 at 20:28

  6. I Like going to the wineries too it’s a lot of fun

    30. September, 2010 at 22:12

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