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2011/031: A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Another picture from last November at the Dallas Arboretum.

2011/030: The One That Got Away

… and the reason why I’m going to make more of an effort to have my camera with me more often.
This gorgeous sunset happened just a few days before the one I did capture, and posted pictures of in the last few days.  The only camera I had, was my cell phone, and that alone was lucky, because a lot of times I leave it at home. I quickly turned the camera on and was able to take a few pictures, but they come nowhere close to doing it justice. I sent them to my e-mail address, but they looked even worse on the computer than on the phone screen.

2011/029: January Sunset (3)

Last ones from this past Monday evening

2011/028: January Sunset (2)

More from this past Monday evening

2011/027: January Sunset (1)

This past Monday evening, on the way to the grocery store.
Other than crop and resize, this is straight from the camera.

2011/026: Dinner

No worries, even though there was lots of food posted here lately, this is not turning into a food blog 😉

My third, and final, contribution to Scott’s food photography assignment.
First up is Monday’s dinner. Nordic Potato Soup with ham.

Next, Tuesday’s dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese (my mom’s recipe) and Garlic Bread.

2011/025: Bonus – Better Late Than Never

Mexican Wedding Cookies.
When I was baking Christmas cookies, Melissa asked if I could make Mexican Wedding Cookies, too, because they are one of her favorites. Unfortunately she didn’t say anything until after I had already planned what I would bake, and I promised to make them some other time.
Yesterday I decided to surprise her, and finally baked them. Who says you can only have Christmas cookies around Christmas, right? My grandmother used to bake sooo many cookies every Christmas, they would last until Easter!


2011/024: 5:06 PM

An oldie from November 26, 2008

2011/023: Snack Time

I’m not a big popcorn fan, but the flavored kind (like loaded potato, anything cheesy, or sour cream & chives) is pretty good.
This is also my contribution to Scott’s latest assignment: Food Photography. Follow the link to check out the details.
I have to admit, that this is an older photo, and we’re supposed to take new ones (sorry Scott, but time is running out!) but I will try to take some more food photos in the next couple of days and contribute something less… stale 😉 Although the popcorn was fresh when I photographed it!

2011/022: Charmed Again

One of my favorite necklaces…. Amber actually found it and showed it to me, and when she said that she would order one for herself, I had her order one for me, too, thinking we could split the shipping cost (which ended up being included)


There is nothing so great that I fear to do for my friend,
nothing so small that I will disdain to do it for him.
~ Sir Philip Sidney

2011/020: Marital Bliss

2011/019: Mandarin Orange (2)

2011/018: Mandarin Orange (1)

I knew yesterday’s What Am I? was too easy… I should have converted to b&w to make it a little more difficult.

Playing with food isn’t always a bad thing 😉

2011/017: What Am I?

As usual, I’m thinking it’s too easy. Tune in tomorrow for more pictures of it, and to find out what this is.


2011/015: Caught Off Guard

Taken on a warm, sunny afternoon at the park several months ago.

2011/014: A Lesson In Patience

That’s what this (not so) little project was.
I decided to upload all the pictures from my previous years of blogging to Zenfolio, but discovered that if you combine WordPress with Zenfolio, you get painfully slow!
Uploading was easy and fairly quick, since all the files are low resolution and high compression. Then I copied the post titles and copied them as the photo titles, and waiting for each page to “activate”, and the titles to paste below the pictures was sooo slow! But, it’s all done now, and all the pictures are in one place, neatly organized by year, and easy to browse through for anyone who might be interested (beats going back hundreds of pages on the blog!). Of course many of the photos have a story attached to them, and if you would like to read them, simply enter the photo title into the search field here on the sidebar of the blog, and it will find the post for you. I will also be adding a new page to my blog, for future reference.

(click on image to be taken to the galleries)


One of my favorites from my November visit to the Dallas Arboretum.

2011/012: It Snowed! (Part 3)

2011/011: It Snowed! (Part 2)

2011/010: Bonus – As Promised

2011/010: It Snowed! (Part 1)

I  know I promised flower pictures, but it snowed here in the Dallas area yesterday, and how can I not post snow pictures for the next two weeks? Just kidding, I will only torture you with snow pictures for the next three days, and I will keep my promise and post a flower bonus this afternoon.

We couldn’t find any snow penguins (here is a larger view), just two little snow men. The first one was built by Melissa and set on top of our privacy fence so he could look out into the neighborhood. Sara placed hers next to our back porch. She was trying to make him a little hat out of pebbles, but then changed her mind.